Know About DE- NOVO SSB - New Three Day SSB Interview Procedure

Know About DE- NOVO SSB - New Three Day SSB Interview Procedure
23-May 2018 1 Comment(s) 2.00

DE-NOVO SSB- New SSB procedure starting from 2019

1.  The De-Novo SSB has been reduced from five days to three days, but that does not dilute the acid test or blunt the cutting edge of this unique system.

2.  The screening psychogical  test will now be online, to save unnecessary movement of candidates and reduce logistic and financial burden on army. With new developments in psychological testing, as well as advancements in smart devices, and digitisation of India, it is a positive movement forward. The tests are so designed as to beat the candidates even if they sit in a group to go through the screening test.

3.  TAT shall now have a battery of 9 pictures rather than 12. The blank screen test is no null and void.(?)

4.  SD, or self description test has been done away with, as there are elements of this present in screening aswellas other psychological tests. 

5.  WAT has been reduced to 40 words from 60, and now, no sentences need to be written on the words. A candidate has instead to write three  words , that, he/she can immediately associate with the given word. 

Example:-  The given word is Fort,

Three words I thought of are, flag, victory, Battle.

This is an improvement upon the existing system as this is more revealing of a candidate's psychology. 

6.  There is going to be an endurance test on the first day of SSB. It will be a 1.5 kilometers run (Not Race), which a candidate should ideally finish in 4 to 5 minutes, average in 6 minutes and atleast in 7 minutes. 8 minutes and more amounts to 0 score.

7.  In SRT situation reaction test,  there will be two tests, in one a situation and a pic Wil be shown, in the other only a situation will be given, and there shall be no picture. For answers, 4 optional pre-written answers will be provided. They will all  not be very agreeable answers, but the candidate will have to prioritize these answers, as per his/her perception in order of preference. Most likely as number 1 to number 4.

The new test is intended to be an improvement over the previous test as it is mentally more challanging. Rest of the elements are going to be the same.


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