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PPDT - Learn PPDT From Experts

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PPDT (Picture perception and discussion test) and OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) are conducted on day 1 by Service Selection Board. Candidates, who are able to clear these two tests, will stay further for 4 days. The test on day 1 is at times hectic because it makes it lengthy.

What is PPDT?

As the name suggests, Picture Perception and Discussion Test is a part of screening test where mostly a blur picture is shown to the candidates and they have to write a complete story which is narrated within described time and later discussed. It covers 60%of the scoring. There are three stages in this test

  1. Story Writing
  2. Individual Narration
  3. Discussion

In the first stage, the invigilator briefs up the candidates by informing them about the time management for writing story. There is a picture shown to the candidate for 30 seconds. Here invigilator asks candidates to write whatever first thing or impression comes into their mind. In this short span of time the candidates have to analyze the picture very carefully. After these 30 seconds 1 minute is given to pen down the details what the candidates have noticed. And finally 4 minutes are provided to write down the complete story.

Here is an example of PPDT, and an approach towards it.

There is a blank story sheet provided to all candidates by SSB to write the story or points they want to keep in mind. The sheet has a rectangular box where they write down important details in short so that they may not forget or miss out a detail. Following are some tips for story writing:

  1. Mention male/female with M/F or P if not clear.
  2. Mention kind of moods of the person like positive/negative/neutral/mood, using +/-/0.
  3. Mention their assumed age as shown in the picture.
  4. Mention any kind of action taking place on the right side of the sheet by one word or two.
  5. Mention any particular kind of symbol to avoid confusion among the characters.


Finally in another 4 minutes candidates will write down the story, according to the details they mentioned in the story sheet. When a candidate creates a story he must

  1. Study the picture attentively (like a person is giving a speech)
  2. Identify the situation (what kind of people are listening to him, are they villagers or urban people)
  3. Introduce the problem (what is the matter, introducing new methods of agriculture)
  4. Relate situation and problem
  5. The character’s approach
  6. Solution


The candidate should keep the story relevant to the picture shown initially. It should relate to the story. There should be nothing complex. Keep the time track in mind, and maintain the story within specified time limit i.e. 1 minute. So it should not exceed 8-10 sentences. While writing down story every candidate should keep the following points in mind:

  1. Always use past tense to write a story.
  2. There should be always a positive approach towards a story, avoid any kind of negative thought.
  3. Make a realistic approach towards story, unrealistic and hypothetical ideas should be avoided.
  4. The story should be original in all respect, avoid any kind of repeated ideas or concepts.
  5. Find out the main character of the story and elaborate a story around him. Don’t use adjectives to describe the character, let his actions describe him.
  6. The story can start with a problem, then action taken against it and finally end it up with a proper solution or ways it can be solved.


Individual Narration

Once these 4 minutes get over, Individual narration starts. While narrating the story the candidates should make it interesting. There is a time limit of 1 minute, so candidate should keep time limit in mind. There should be nothing glorifying or those ‘aw’ moments. Candidates must stick to their story. Without beating around the bush they complete the story narration according to their chest numbers. Remember to be confident while narrating the story. They have to narrate their written story back to back. Once all the candidates are done with the narration of the story, they will have to wait for the invigilator’s instructions. If the invigilator has prior given instruction to start the discussion just after the narration, then candidates will have to start the discussion. If not they will have to wait for his order.



Now Discussion over the story takes place. When all the stories are narrated there is a discussion. The discussion is as usual. Every candidate tries to prove his story the best. They might highlight various shortcomings in other stories coming up with different justifications. The candidate should show his maturity level by keeping calm. The purpose of the discussion is to find a common story so he should speak considering interest of the groups.


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