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Dear candidates,

                                The selection system at the SSBs comprises the three independent but complimentary techniques namely Group Testing, Psychological Testing and Personal Interview. The assessors belonging to these three techniques draw the personality profile of the candidate on the basis of 15 OLQs (Officer like Qualities).

Due to the very different nature of the job a detailed through and full proof system is followed for selecting the officers of the Defence services, as the implications of selecting a wrong person may manifest themselves in compromising the national security or lead to a number of men losing their precious lives for no fault of theirs. Keeping this in Mind the person has to be tested under stressful unfamiliar and leaderless situations to ascertain whether he can become a leader and control a situation. The task is done by testing a person for his OLQs. By carefully testing person for his OLQ it can be predicted with reasonable accuracy as to how the person reacts under different situations. In order to ensure that an assessor assesses the candidate correctly it is important that assessors are thoroughly conversant with the OLQs and their correlation.

Among all the factors , factor 4 (Dynamic) is very Important with respect to GTO as it is a measure of Individual’s capability to withstand stress and his ability to untiringly apply himself to achieve his goal despite any obstacle en-route.


It comprises of the following qualities-


DETERMINATION - A sustained effort to achieve objectives in spite of obstacles and setbacks. It implies fixedness of mental concentration and strength of will.

At Centurion Defence Academy we impart such training to candidates which includes:-

Application to work - The capacity of physical application to work. We drive the inner motive power at the disposal of an Individual. It is the capacity to force oneself along with under pressure and urgency, towards the achievement of the goal. Such kind of Training Inspired our students like Sagar Chahar(NDA-145 & NDA 146), Vaibhav Srivastava(NDA 145 & TES42) to take energetic actions towards the achievement of common goal.


These tactics made them highly resolute, unwavering, advent, industrious, firm and steady, preserving and persistent.


COURAGE- During my training sessions at Centurion Defence Academy my prime objective is to improve the Physical fitness of the candidate along with enhancing the courage. Life in Indian Army/Navy/Air force is very challenging and requires good mental as well as physical health. Officers serving in armed forces should be fit enough to survive in any situation during their service.

Courage is a ability to appreciate and take purposive risk willingly. It includes, Ability to must appreciated dangers and spirit of adventure, willingness to dare or risk a hazard. The capacity to keep oneself composed in adverse situations enabling to be steady in facing and handling such situations.

The candidate must be doubtless risk, taker, daring, aggressive, creative, bold and plucky with tremendous physical and moral courage.


STAMINA- This is the capacity to withstand protracted physical and mental strain. It emphasizes endurance. The candidate must possess Herculean physical & mental capabilities and can with stand plenty of physical & mental stress. He must be indefatigable, calm and very tough individual.


At Centurion Defence Academy , we impart such kind of training to enhance & improve the OLQs of candidate and specifically we considering the Importance of FACTOR-4 we train the candidate to as per required level.


  I hope the article was informative to you and you must have understood the Importance of FACTOR-4 in SSB Interview.


Yash Tripathi

Centurion Defence Academy

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