NDA-1 2024 Maths Model Question Paper with Solution

NDA-1 2024 Maths Model Question Paper with Solution
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The NDA-1 2024 exam will be conducted on 21st April 2024. Most of you have already started preparing for the NDA-1 2024. There is very limited left for the NDA-1 2024, so it will be very important to start solving the model question paper for NDA-1 2024. Solving the model question paper will give you an idea about the nature and difficulty level of the NDA exam. Considering the increasing difficulty level of the NDA exam, it has become very important to know the difficulty level of NDA exam questions. The difficulty level of NDA exam questions can not be understood unless candidates start practicing them. To help all NDA-1 2024 aspirants, we are providing NDA-1 2024 mathematics model question paper with a solution. The NDA-1 2024 mathematics model question paper and solution PDF have been provided in the attachment.


NDA-1 2024 Exam

NDA- 2 2023 exam is scheduled to be conducted on 21st April 2024. There are a total of 400 seats in the NDA-1 2024 exam for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. NDA-1 2024 is the golden opportunity for the 12th passed/appearing male and female candidates to make their careers in the Indian Armed Forces as officers. The NDA exam is conducted in two phases, in the first phase a written exam comprises two papers. In the second stage, a five-day SSB interview will be conducted after the successful qualification in the written exam.


                NDA-1 2024 Mathematics  Written Paper Pattern




  • Mathematics

Total Questions

  • Mathematics- 120

Total Marks

  • Mathematics- 300

Time Duration

  • Mathematics- 2.5 Hours or 150 Minutes

SSB Interview

  • 900 Marks


Benefits of Solving Mathematics Model Question Paper for NDA- 1 2024 Exam

  • By solving model question papers, you become familiar with the exam pattern, question types, and overall structure of the NDA-1 2024 mathematics paper. This helps you develop a better understanding of the time management required and the distribution of marks across different topics.
  •  Regularly solving model question papers helps you practice the mathematical concepts and techniques covered in the NDA syllabus. It reinforces your understanding of the topics and allows you to identify any areas where you need further improvement.
  • Only limited time is left for the NDA-1 2024 exam, and solving model question papers will help you develop effective time management skills. By practicing with time limits, you can learn to allocate the appropriate amount of time to each question, ensuring that you complete the paper within the given timeframe.
  • Solving model question papers enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. You can gauge which topics you are comfortable with and which require more attention. This knowledge allows you to focus your efforts on areas that need improvement, thus maximizing your chances of scoring well in the actual exam.
  • Regular practice with model question papers can improve your speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems. As you become more familiar with the question patterns and develop problem-solving strategies, you can solve the questions more efficiently, thereby increasing your chances of scoring higher marks.
  • Solving model question papers simulates the actual exam environment, giving you a sense of what to expect on the day of the NDA-1 2024 exam. This experience helps build your confidence, reduces exam-related anxiety, and enhances your performance on exam day.
  • Model question papers serve as a valuable tool for the revision and consolidation of mathematical concepts. As you solve different types of questions, you reinforce your understanding of the topics and can identify any gaps in your knowledge. This allows you to revise and clarify those areas before the exam.


Download NDA-1 2024 Mathematics Model Question Paper with Solution

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