Know About VG Mrs India 2021 Major Nasreen Fatima (Sqn Ldr Retd.)

Know About VG Mrs India 2021 Major Nasreen Fatima (Sqn Ldr Retd.)
06-May 2021...........

 “Tu Chal Tere Wajood ki Samay Ko Bhi Talash Hai,

Jo Tujhse Lipti Bediya Samajh Na Inko Vastr Tu…

Yeh Bediya Pighla Ke Bana Le Inko Shastra Tu… Bana Le Inko Shastra Tu…”


This quote aptly defines her vivacious and effervescent personality, diligence, perseverance and never give up attitude.


Words fall short to describe the demeanor this lady beholds. She is dynamic…She is wonder woman, an epitome of inspiration….. Maj Nasreen Fatima( Sqn Ldr Retd.) belongs to the beautiful city, Lucknow, an amalgamation of the perfect synthesis between culture and modernity.  Right from her school days she was inclined towards joining the Indian Armed Forces. She studied from Army Public School, Nehru Road, Lucknow and was an enthusiastic  NCC Cadet, a good athlete, participated in various cultural shows, extra-curricular activities and was also the Deputy Head Girl of the School.  Thereafter, she pursued her Graduation and Post graduation in English Literature and Post graduation in Business Management.


 Thereafter, she got a campus placement and worked in a well - known Construction firm in New Delhi and in a Japanese firm in Mumbai for a couple of months. As, she was always fascinated and yearned to live her dream of school days therefore she often used to come back after office, studied and prepared toiling and prepping up at late nights for the Indian Armed Forces Examination. 


She aced and got selected in the Indian Airforce due to her sincere, dedicated efforts and faith. She served in the Indian Air force for 10 years as a Short Service Commissioned Officer in the Education Branch. Apart from this she was also posted at many premier flying bases of Indian Airforce and held up many Units/Stations’s appointments, conferences, etc. Dangling many feathers to her cap and showcasing the prowess of her abilities she worked both as an Education Officer & Administrative Officer at National Defence Academy where she worked as an NDA Instructor and undertook many additional duties as well. Thus, cumulatively she has a very rich, vast and varied experience.  After the completion of her tenure she joined one of the Government‘s Bank as a Zonal Security Head for UP and Uttarakhand operations. Thereafter, took NOC & subsequently, resigned in order to contribute to the Nation as a Service officer and donned the service uniform for the second time. Thus, with her sheer determination and hard work she got selected and was re-commissioned in the Territorial Army by holding a record of being the first lady Air force Officer to join the Territorial Army. Hats off to the relentless spirit and conviction this woman holds.


Currently she is actively associated with the prestigious Centurion Defence Academy being the Academic Head & also is a part of the elite panel of Experts for SSB Officers’ selection.


She actively contributes in training, guiding and inspiring young defence aspirants and especially the female aspirants to join the Indian Armed Forces.


The Officer too derives her inspiration from the various Defence Aspirants as well, wherein, she sees the reflection of herself in their dreams and aspirations. Guiding and inspiring them to give their best and believing in their efforts to achieve their goals gives her immense happiness and satisfaction. She has proved her mettle as there is undoubtedly a considerable increase in the number of selections and increase in the enrollment of defence aspirants across India. She serves as an embodiment of discipline and hard work.



 Recently she was also awarded the winner of VG Miss & Mrs India 2020-2021 (Finesse)  and is  happy and proud to be part of the Visionara Global as through this esteemed  organization  she aspires to voice her opinion, empower the female defence aspirants and contribute towards the society and nation on a much larger scale. She extends her gratitude to VG Organization & Centurion Defence Academy which has provided her with immense opportunity to pursue her endeavors and contribute towards the nation.


We salute the relentless passion, the perseverance and oodles of confidence and will power this lady holds. She surely is someone to take inspiration especially for the women’s that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU OVERPOWER YOUR SHORTCOMINGS, SUCCESS WILL SURELY FOLLOW YOUR FOOTSTEPS. Team Centurion wishes her all the good luck for her future endeavors and accomplishments.



Jai Hind!



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