Officers Training Academy(OTA) Gaya Passing Out Parade (POP) 2021

Officers Training Academy(OTA) Gaya Passing Out Parade (POP) 2021
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Congratulations To All The Cadets who Passed Out From Officers Training Academy Today.

“Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail.”


Officers Training Academy (OTA) Gaya is a premier Pre-Commission Training Academy (PCTA) of the Indian Army; established in the erstwhile location of Army Service Corps (ASC) Centre (North). Gaya Military Station, in the pre-independence days, had a historical distinction of being the Operation Centre of Sir Archibald Wavell, Commander-in-Chief of British India Army who steered the initial operations of the Burma Campaign from here. He later became the penultimate Viceroy of India. OTA Gaya Passing Out Parade June 12 2021 to be live on the Official Indian Army YouTube Channel. Gentlemen cadets from SCO-46 and TES-43 courses will pass out from the academy.


The Officers Training Academy (OTA) are training establishments of the Indian Army that train officers for the Short Service Commission (SSC). The 49-week course at the OTA prepares graduates for all branches of the Army, except for the Army Medical Corps. OTA Gaya, set up in 2011, is located amid an estate of approximately 870 acres in a hilly terrain of Paharpur at Gaya. Gaya Cantonment dates back to World War II, as one of the headquarters of the British Army. To mark the commencement of the academy, a flag hoisting ceremony was solemnised and the consecration of the raising of the academy was carried out in true secular tradition of the Indian Army, with recital of scriptures from holy books of different religions.The academy has been equipped with state of the art training facilities, at par with other pre-commissioning training institutions. The academy has produced many war heroes and distinguished officers.


Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the number of affected people increasing globally this 18th POP unlike the past POPs to be conducted with a slight difference. The immediate family members of the inductee officers have not been invited to be present in the memorable event. Only the special commissioned officers from the lower ranks of the Army, who completed the year long training in Basic Military Science will be participating in the event. The OTA had made arrangements for live streaming of the POP and pipping ceremony on Doordarshan and YouTube Channels. However, this curtailment does not mean that the event in any manner lacked in commitment and enthusiasm. The Passing Out Parade has always been the most spectacular event in the series of the end-of-term events at OTA. It is also the culminating event of another successful term. The POP marks the completion of the training programme of officer cadets and these officers are commissioned into various arms and services of the Army only on the day of the POP.

The passing out cadets were exhorted to always adhere to the core values of ‘selfless service to the nation’ and strive for excellence in all their endeavours. The immaculate drill of officer cadets marching to enthralling martial tunes left the audience spellbound. It was a proud moment for the officer cadets, as also the instructors and administrative staff of OTA who over the last 11 months have seen the transformation of these proud men and women into future leaders of the Indian Army. Let us celebrate our Army by saluting all of them for their bravery and patriotism.

Related information for CDS aspirants:

OTA stands for Officers Training Academy and IMA stands for Indian Military Academy.  If you are willing to join Indian Army through CDSE then the candidates who are willing to go for OTA do not have to appear for the paper of Mathematics whereas those who are for IMA have to appear for Mathematics exam.



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