Samudrayaan Project - Deep Ocean Mission

Samudrayaan Project - Deep Ocean Mission
12-September 2023...........

What is Samudrayaan Project? Deep Ocean Exploration Mission of India

According to Indian mythology, the Ocean has the power to quench the thirst of both devines and demons, that’s why both Devines and Demons conducted Samudra Manthan. Today India has become the most populated country on the planet and the population of India is increasing, consequently, the resources available on the land are falling short. Today, we need much more resources than any other country on the planet. Ocean covers 1/3rd of the mass of the earth, that’s why oceans have immense potential, but we can not utilize this potential until we know what is inside our oceans. To explore the Indian Ocean, the Indian Government has launched the Samudrayaan Project. After its launch, Samudrayaan will be India’s First Manned Ocean Mission.


Mission Samudrayaam


Mission Samudrayaan was started by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai shortly known as ‘NIOT’. Samudrayaan Mission will be the part larger ‘Deep Ocean Missiom’. Under the Samurdrayaan Mission, 3 Persons will be carried 6 km inside the ocean near the ocean surface to conduct scientific tests. As the oceanic pressure is very very high near the ocean surface, that’s why all three scientists will be carried in a 2.1-meter diameter Titanium Alloy Personnel Sphere, named Matsya 6000 which has an operational endurance of 12 hours and systems to support emergency endurance of up to 96 hours. Mastsya 6000 can work at a depth between 1000 and 5500 meters. Now, India has become the only country after the USA, Russia, Japan, France, and China to start a deep ocean study project.

Matsya 6000 is India's first manned deep ocean mission

Source- Hindustan Times


Objectives of Samudrayaan


The primary objective of Mission Samudrayaan is to explore the non-living mineral-rich resources such as Nickel, Cobalt, Rare Earth, and Manganese, along with sample collection for analysis. Samudrayaan Project will conduct various undersea tests and it will have four focus area which are Ocean climate change advisory services, Underwater vehicles, Underwater robotics-related technologies, and Deep-sea mining: Exploitation of polymetallic nodules.


Deep Ocean Exploration


Deep Ocean Mission aims at studying unexplored parts of the ocean which includes rare earth material, and oceanic bio-diversity. This mission was started by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. This mission will conduct studies at 6,000 meters through mining. After conducting mining at the surface of the ocean, the mission will study the material and try to discover rare earth materials.


Indian Deep Ocean Exploration Mission


Considering the importance of rare earth materials, the Deep Ocean Mission is going to be very significant for India. It will make India with regard to the supply of rare earth material. Rare earth materials, also known as rare earth elements (REEs) or rare earth metals, are a group of 17 chemical elements in the periodic table. They are very important for the manufacturing of electronic devices and semiconductors. It is very important for India to produce these materials as they have strategic importance.



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