Common Mistakes Done While Filling OMR Sheet

Common Mistakes Done While Filling OMR Sheet
09-June 2022

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has issued an advisory for applicants on typical mistakes they make when filling out OMR sheets, as well as how to prevent them. The UPSC administers some of the most prestigious entrance exams in India, including civil service exams, NDA & NA exams, and exams for the Combined Defence Services (CDS). Optical mark recognition, also known as optical mark reading or OMR, is the technique of reading information that people mark on tests and other paper documents which is used to read multiple-choice assessment papers. These are a variety of competitive tests that are quite tough to tackle, and a mistake on the OMR form should not be a basis for individuals not being selected. As a result, we've included some helpful tips in the sections below to help candidates avoid common mistakes when filling out the OMR sheet.


  • Candidates must use only a black ball pen to write and mark answers on the OMR sheet. Pens of any other color are not permitted. Pencils or ink pens should also not be used.

  • Any mistakes in the encoding of details in the OMR sheet, particularly with regard to Roll Number and Test Booklet Series Code, would result in the answer sheet being rejected.

  • Candidates should write their center and subject, then the test booklet series, subject code, and roll number in the proper space provided at the top of the answer page.

  • In the answer sheet, write your booklet series (A, B, C, or D), subject code, and roll number in the circles provided for that purpose.

  • On the answer sheet/test booklet/rough worksheet, do not write your name or anything other than the exact items of information requested.

  • On the Answer Sheet, do not fold, mutilate, destroy, or make any unnecessary markings. On the back of the answer sheet, do not write anything.


Tips to Avoid Mistakes in OMR Sheet


Since the answer sheets will be examined on electronic devices, candidates should handle and fill out the response sheets with caution. To darken the circles, they should only use a black ball pen. To address common mistakes made when filling out the OMR sheet, the commission has released a piece of advice for candidates on how to avoid common mistakes made while filling out the OMR and attendance sheets.


  • Encoding Booklet Series: 


Candidates must ensure that they have written and encoded the right booklet series, since any faults in encoding the booklet may result in their candidature being rejected.


  • Avoid Writing on Prohibited Areas:


Candidates are not permitted to sketch or do rough work on the OMR sheet, and they should avoid doing so at all costs because they will be disqualified from the exam.


  • Encoding Subject Code and Roll Number:


Candidates must double-check that they have written the correct subject code and roll number on the OMR page, as well as that the circles have been correctly blackened.


  • Attendance Sheet Marking:


Filling out the OMR sheet and entering the correct information on the attendance sheets is just as crucial as filling out the OMR sheet. As a result, candidates should adhere to the letter.


  • Marking Answers:


Candidates should mark the responses accurately on the OMR sheet while filling it out. The response will not be counted if you mark more than one circle or if you do not darken the circle adequately.

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