Online Preparation for CDS by India’s Leading Defence Academy

Online Preparation for CDS by India’s Leading Defence Academy
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Online Preparation for CDS

Sanctioning on various test models, equipping on tremendous bulky syllabus and throwing back to the worst dig on your preparation, the enough can be fixed out of your bimbo mind box with Centurion Defence Academy Student App.

Turn it on to dwell on dreams and upgrade your capabilities with higher and broader perspective of online preparation for CDS by India’s leading learning brand in defence education, the most relevant and reliable source Centurion Defence Academy.


Why to opt CDS online preparation?

  • Utility-cum-Usefultool for studies in all ways.
  • It saves your time, effort, money plus match the same level of difficulty &  enables you to practice exactly same types of question to the actual CDS entrance exam.


How to choose CDS best online tutorial?

An all-inclusive, comprehensive & value added e-learning student app on your Android mobile device provides you an in-depth gamut of questions and extensive study material based on the CDS exam pattern.


Why you choose CDA for online CDS preparation?

Huge crowd each year appear for CDS defence examconflicting over a mere dilemma to choose between coaching and online tutorials. Direct and quick answer to all your uncertainty transformed into certainty by Centurion Defence Academy India leading online portal providing successful web and mobile-based platform to candidates who appear for CDS exam in a well practiced manner. CDA student app make you ready to crack your CDS exam in a much easy and affordable price in a most advanced and updated manner.


Stated facts about CDA results-

Over time stated facts available about CDA results proofs why it is India’s top brand in defence exam preparation and why it holds a top position in the list. Believer of factual information can surely watch CDA Talk show where it claim-

•In one go marks the victory with maximum selections in Written exam and SSB Interview by any private organisation in CDS 2019. Highest selection rate claimed in CDS exam is Centurion Defence Academy pride and you can see all these inspiring success story on CDA official you tube channel.

•             CDA results purely derived from exam oriented study under elite panel experts who offers strategic approach, short-trick approach, relevant approach and to-the-point approach.

•             A well researched and developed study material triggers best CDA results under R&D team who work on eBook content and eNotes.





CDA Mobile App features:-

•             Daily Video Lectures – Not able to grasp the points at once then pause the video lectures understand the point and continue to proceed further, as easy as you want it to be.

•             Live Stream Classes- Daily live classes on new concepts with real-time essence of live classes experience digitally. Edutainment involved with FAQs, tips and tricks.

•             eBooks- All subject eBooks formulated by R&D team of CDA CDS experts for reference are available.

•             eDoc- Video lectures PDF and important documents can be easily downloaded. eNotes are provided along with video lectures.

             Quiz-Pad- Easy, moderate and gateway to defence level questions can be practiced through quiz.

•             Notification- Defence exam updates related to notification will be timely updated in app.


Unique Feature

  • Get Free Test Seriesonline with exactly same levels of questions based sample papers that are available for daily practice.
  • Receive AIR to check where you stand in the upcoming NDA exam.





Compared to other app why CDA  is most preferred app. Know all about its USPs:-

•             We are most preferred offline institute for defence entrance exam. Switching to online medium has always been encouraging as everyone are aware about the CDA quality position it holds in CDS exam.

The other online apps covers numerous competitive examination at one place thereby degenerate the course quality while CDA strictly deal with defence segment and provide rich quality content.

•             All subject eBooks formulated by R&D team of CDA CDS experts for reference are available.

Comparatively common books in market lack in quality oriented content production due to publication of other courses while CDA R&D team provide you only exam oriented quality material with previous year question covered.

•             Our app is to the point and offers realistic approach comparatively to common app that has extra features. CDA app avoid confusion with easy-to-handle and to-the-point designed interference features.

•             Gives 100% speed and prone to condition where speed of internet is a barrier. Do not requires much internet consumption and can access smoothly with slow internet speed.

•             Free of cost for those who are opting to attend in CDA offline coaching after lockdown. Amount you have paid on this app take away when you join the offline classes in CDA campus. During campus admission- from total amount balance the fee incurred in app will be deducted and balance will be added to your final amount.

So study at home during lockdown time at free of cost with CDA student app. If you are determinant to crack defence exam this app will be boom for your defence preparation.

•             One and the same kind of Mock Test Dashboard appears on PC, Laptop & Mobile.

•             Daily subject-wise lectures updates, defence expert lectures who are training with us for years as our team trainers. In market other hire any random trainers to whom you cannot analyse. CDA provides professional result oriented expert training in CDS exam. Be aware from such classes that only satisfy you but not make you aware to handle defence exam.


Value added CDA app features

•             For defence entrance exam interview is most important with CDA student app get prepared online forWritten exam and SSB Interview.

The ultimate brand in defence exam preparation which offers the whole lot at one place.

•             English spoken

•             Free Test series

•             Free Notes



CDA student app will make you ready to crack your CDS exam in a much easy and affordable price. Specialized and uniquely designed by experts and R&D team of Centurion Defence Academy a unique, reliable and superior platform. Gear up your CDS preparation with CDA student app.







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