5 Rules to Write Better Responses in WAT SSB Interview

5 Rules to Write Better Responses in WAT SSB Interview
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5 Rules to Write Better Responses in WAT SSB Interview


WAT or Word Association Test is one of the biggest challenges in SSB for so many candidates. Many candidates find it very difficult to prepare for the WAT Test, so we will tell you about the 5 Rules that will help you write better responses on the WAT Test.


WAT or Word Association Test is one of the four tests conducted in SSB Psychology Tests. SSB Psychology Tests are conducted on the second day of the SSB Interview. In AFSB, Psychology Tests are conducted on the first day itself. Four Tests are conducted in SSB Psychology Tests- 1. TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) 2. WAT (Word Association Test) 3. SRT (Situation Reaction Test) 4. Self-Description Test. In TAT, 12 Pictures are shown to candidates and candidates have to write stories on them. In SRT, 60 hypothetical situations are given and candidates have to write their responses and in the Self-Description Test, candidates have to write about themselves.


What is the Word Association Test?


Word Association Test or WAT is one of the four tests conducted in the SSB as a part of SSB Psychology Tests. In the Word Association Test, 60 words are shown on the screen back-to-back and candidates get 15 seconds to write their responses for each word in the test. The main aim of the word association test is to assess and evaluate the candidates' thought processes, imagination, decision-making, and positive attitude.


5 Rules to Write Better Responses in WAT SSB Interview


Word Association Test is one of the toughest tests conducted in the SSB. Very less time given to write responses makes it even tougher. That’s why a better strategy and preparation are required to perform well in this test. WAT is one of the most important tests also in the SSB. Considering the importance of this test and to help candidates to prepare for this test, we are providing the top 5 Rules to Write Better Responses in WAT SSB Interview.


First Rule- Practice, Practice, and Practice:


Practicing word associations regularly can help you improve your performance. You can find online resources that provide random words for you to associate with. By practicing, you can improve your response time and your ability to think of responses very fast. Candidates should try to practice different types of Words so that they do not face any difficulty during the actual test.


Second Rule- Be spontaneous:


The word association test is designed to evaluate your ability to come up with responses quickly. Try not to overthink or analyze the words given to you. Instead, trust your instinct and give the first response that comes to your mind.


For Example- If you get the word ‘difficulty’ in WAT, so think about solving any difficulty. Do not make the word too complex and stop thinking too much.


Third Rule- Think creatively:


The test also evaluates your creativity and imagination. So, try to come up with unique and creative associations. Avoid giving common and cliché responses.


For example- If you get any negative word in the WAT, do not make a negative sentence on it. Instead of writing negative sentences, try to write positive sentences using your creativity.


For example- The “Death”- Covishied Vaccine saved so many people from dying due to covid 19.The


Fourth Rule- Be confident:


Confidence is key in the SSB selection process. Even if you are unsure of your response, say it with conviction. Don't hesitate or show nervousness. There will be few unfamiliar words in the WAT Test, so do not lose your confidence because of those words. If you do not know any response for a few words, it will be better to leave. You should always focus on quality over quantity.


Fifth Rule- Be aware of your surroundings:


The word association test is usually conducted in a group setting. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting influenced by the responses of others. Focus on your own thought process and come up with original responses. Focusing on your surroundings gives you prepared ideas which enhance your thought process.


Candidates must understand that the Word Association Test is a psychology test, not a vocabulary test. So, they should focus on their responses, not on their vocabulary. Candidates should try to incorporate the above-mentioned five rules in their WAT preparation and keep on practicing for different types of words. For the practice of different words, we have already provided a list of WAT words for practice on the same platform.

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