60 WAT Words Practice Set Download PDF

60 WAT Words Practice Set Download PDF
01-February 2023

60 WAT Words Practice Set Download PDF

SSB Interview is based on the philosophy of मनसा वाचा कर्मणा i.e. Mind, Speech, and Actions. SBB Interview is uniquely designed to assess all three aspects. On the second day, four psychology tests are conducted which are TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test), and SD (Self-Description Test). In Word Association Test, 60 WAT words are flashed one by one and candidates have to write as many sentences as possible.

How to write better answers for WAT Words

  • Write short and effective sentences.
  • Try to show OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) through your answer.
  • Try to change parts of speech of the word if you are not able to think of the answer to the WAT word.
  • Try to increase the speed of your handwriting.
  • Your handwriting should be legible.
  • Ultimately, your priority should be quality not quantity


Download Practice Set of 60 WAT Words

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