Avoiding mistakes at workplace

Avoiding mistakes at workplace
23-August 2018...........

Dear Readers,

All of us always try to be correct on our deeds. We never want to cut a sorry figure in front of others. For this we try to be more conscious while doing the work but have you ever thought being so conscious also makes you commit mistakes. It happens because our mind starts working on overall planning of work rather than its execution. There is a huge difference in preparation and performance. One should do the required exercise while preparing for a task but when it comes to perform, the focus should be only giving the best at performance. Performance is artistic whereas preparation part is your organizing ability. I have observed that while preparing, mind is more focused on step by step plan, whereas while performing those steps may not be recalled in the same order. So a candidate who is preparing for defense services should do his level best while he is preparing but when it comes to perform, he should be focused on giving his best output with peaceful mind.

Well, I have observed that mistakes occur when the focused area changes. I have never heard a person forgetting to get petrol filled while going for driving because that time the destination can be secondary but the primary thing is to run the vehicle. Similarly we can also avoid several common mistakes that we commit by focusing on the present status rather than focusing on the further coming steps. One may find the schedule very smooth if the things are managed step by step and the focus is also remained on the present target itself.

It does not get confused and does not switch from one to another. It is generally observed that if the mind is given n number of tasks at a time, it loses its efficiency and the chances of committing mistakes arise more. How nice it would be if the work is error free. Although 100% perfection is not possible but putting efforts to achieve the same make our work commendable. I think committing mistakes is concerned with forgetfulness. Forgetfulness takes place when orientation is not there. Each brain is efficient provided the results are achieved as expected.

  • Learning a lesson from a mistake

One should take a lesson from the mistakes rather than just going ahead. One must think the reason of occurrence and the precautions to avoid this. Mistake remains mistake because it is not taken care of.

“If mistakes are identified well and its remedy is thought over, further they are not called mistakes in fact they are called experiences.”

It is observed that people come across their several mistakes but they ignore them. They feel it will be improved automatically but it needs a through process to get it over. We remember only those things whom we have given our special attention. We see many faces on the way but we don’t remember them but a face that has special attraction, or an acquainted one we may remember forever too.  We might feel shy on the occurrence of a mistake and they miss an opportunity of learning. Mistakes are the best teacher provided they are taken into consideration. Although the occurrence of mistakes is embarrassing for anyone but there is no control what has already taken place. Now one should do whatever is in his control. Making it towards learning prospects takes you to the right direction and you overcome with your repentance too.



  • Logical Analysis

One should think rationally on the occurrence of a mistake. The logical analysis makes you aware with the actual reason of occurrence. The important thing is to know the reason rather than chaos created due to that mistake. Since the mistake has already been committed so nothing to do now. No need of crying over split milk. The important part is to make ourselves ready in such a manner so that next time it should not happen. Now how will it not happen next time, the strategy is completely based on your thought process now. It is sure that reason is certainly found. Nothing is unreasonably. Things happen reasonably only and that reason has to be found out. One can improve on a certain point only if one knows it.

  • Being focused

Although there are so many things around us. Due to this, the diversion in our attention is found. A candidate should be completely involved into the activity he is doing. Leave other things aside, just concentrate what are you being told to do so. Just feel that other things you will be able to handle only if the current assignment is handled well.


So the One can make one’s efficiency better if target orientation is there.


Aditya Dubey

Head of the department (English and Interview Skills)

Centurion Defence Academy

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