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Question: Why should I select you only for this designation in this organization?

Objective: By this question, an interviewer wants to know about your own eligibility whether you feel that you are selectable for this profile or not. A candidate should be well aware with the standards of the designation and should figure out where he stands on those standards. A candidate should be ready to prove his eligibility as per the required standards of that job profile. The self opinion and self confidence for your candidature make you a strong applicant for this role. It is true that people see only that image that we really show them. If a candidate shows that he is just trying for this job, not sure about his selection it clearly shows the fact that the candidate himself is not confident about his selection then why should the interviewer select him for this designation. Being firm, determined for the decided career matters. This question clarifies the seriousness of the candidate for his career and the work he is going to do. So in short, the interviewer wants to know your rating for yourself, keeping the profile and organization in mind.

  • “Career development and preparing for a designation is not the matter of chance, in fact it is the choice and consistent approach.”
  • Behave like an officer, if you really wish to be an officer.
  • Bring the role into you now to portray the image of the given assignment and your role well with your own thought process.
  • One performs one’s role very well only if one understands one’s role well.
  • Performing a role is based on knowing its functionality and following the expected criteria.

Case Studies:

  1. Well, I have observed different kinds of replies for this question. Many candidates think that why I should tell the reasons of my selection. This is the job of interviewer to decide whether I am selectable or not.
  2. There are some roles of job in which dedication matters a lot rather than just playing a role for that job. An officer has the responsibility to lead the whole team to make the organization at a leading position. The one who is visionary, clear at his approach, earnest, firm can easily clarify his eligibility. In many cases, it has been observed that candidates do a lot of efforts to get that role whereas their own understanding is not developed for it.
  3. Many candidates start telling the common things for their eligibility. They keep telling such things which are quite common like they are graduation passed, 12th passed or 10th passed. They must think that this is the common thing with other candidates too. To be the best among all, the best qualities are to be discussed when your candidature for the job is questioned.
  4. Presentation matters a lot. Some candidates mention that they have passed such exams. They do not mention their special highlights regarding them like their percentage in exams, they have got distinction in the subjects. Probably, they do not put their attention at the presentation manner.

How and What to answer:

As we have already understood the objective of this question, so a candidate must reply with the expected manner. A candidate gets the opportunity to make his candidature strong by giving a convincing and suitable answer for the same. He must come up the skills which make that candidate fit for that profile. One should give a proper reply including his professional skills, achievements, extracurricular activities and academic qualification. I have kept the order in a manner that makes your reply better than a normal one. Skills required for profession are called professional skills. If you talk about the skills which are just relevant with your job profile, that make your answer impressive. One should introspect before making his final answer.

Model Answer: Sir, I must be selected for this post as I fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement. I have been an excellent student in my academics. I am pursuing graduation at this time, this is first year. I have passed 12th class with 80%  marks. I have got distinction in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I have been the topper in English subjection in my school. I passed 10th class with 70% marks. Apart from academic qualification, I have skills which are required for this post. As per required candidature, I have strong inter-personal skills, team spirit and excellent communication skills. These skills make feel that I can perform my job very well. I understand the profile of an officer, thinking about my existing skills and making my mind to develop other required skills too, I have applied for this post here. In my school days, I have taken part in sports in which my efforts have been appreciated for leading the team and getting success in various endeavours. My hobbies and extracurricular activities are also such where I find the reflection of my officer like qualities. This I can say that I am not only academically eligible for this post but also a perfectly fit and fine for it.


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