Formal Handshake in Interviews

Formal Handshake in Interviews
17-August 2018...........

Handshake with an officer !

We shake hand to share our warm feelings, spirit, gratitude with others. The importance it has in shaking hand, I think it's proper way is more important. Doing it wrongly may give it's reverse sense. Sometimes it is observed that the wrong practices also make it improper. I am going to point those improper ways so that we can have a better understanding. Although pictorial presentations could be better but at this moment I am explaining in text only.

A) some students have a habit of touching their heart after handshake. Although they motive is to share their warm feelings but it seems informal if a lady is there to shake hand. In formal manner it is always avoided. This may sound very warm in case of informal greetings like with friends. This habit gets developed from childhood itself when we greet our friends and we maintain our brotherhood. The same habit is carried out till professional life too. Notifying it to your conscious level can improve it. So share heartiest wishes formally without touching the heart.

B) Some close friends keep moving hands after handshake. They keep holding hands together and keep talking. It is not necessary that both are holding hands but one of them may also do it. Due to rigid nature, the other one has to bear it. Well, it is ignorable and enjoyable at childish age but when such actions take place at professional level, it seems very bad. This brings your image down with the prompt question of your growth. Bringing it in realization can avoid it.

C) Eye contact is required while shaking hand. If it is ignored, the communication has many obstacles. In fact the beginning is not done well then how come the overall communication will be good. This happens due to shy nature. I have seen people shaking hand and looking at some other side. They feel a lot of respect for that person or they shy due to inferiority complex. The reason may be anything but it appears awkward. It also give the message that you are not interested to talk with that person that is why you are shaking hand with lack of interest. Internally it may not be reason but mistakenly it is appeared some times. So I recommend to see the eyes of your partner boldly while you shake hand with him. Eyes are the best source of sharing and showing the spirit. Confidence is developed in eye contact whereas diffidence is developed if it is not so.

D) Childish activities see no age limit. These are such prompt activities that take place without considering the environment you are with and the level of communication you are going to make. It takes no time to see such activities in professional communication too. Some people have a habit of pressing the hand tightly. They wish to show their spirit but what is the use of such spirit which makes your partner uncomfortable and make him sound pathetically. Analyze this activity and bring it into your realization. It will improve this wrong practice.

E) Due to inferiority complex, sometimes students shake hands partially. Some people touch their finger and bring their hand back with a shock. This is just a misunderstanding . They should understand that such activities are against this deed. This activity is quite common in new comers. They feel that shaking hand partially shows their respect for that person. That person may take it negatively.
F). Body language plays an important role while shaking hand with a person. Sometimes the expressions are negative. I am going to explain how they are negative. Shaking hand with a senior and keeping a body language that I am senior to you, leave a bad impression. It is observed that some people put off their hand after holding other’s hand. It shows their dominating nature but it should be opted only if it is applicable. applying it with everyone is not a good practice.

Manner of Handshake:

1. One should shake hand firmly without any hesitation.

2. Firmly does not mean to press it tightly.

3. If you are shaking hand with a junior, have a smile on your face and hand shake should encourage the candidate. The positivity of shaking hand lies in this manner only that you inspire him to be like you.

4. If you are shaking hand with your senior, bend a little bit towards that person to show honor for him. Here if one stands firmly with chest-breath might give a sense of over confidence.

5. While shaking hand have an eye contact with that person only. Looking at some other direction shows that you are just doing formality and not much interested in shaking hand with him.


Aditya Dubey

Head of the Department (English and Interiew Skills)

Centurion Defence Academy

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