Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently asked questions in interviews

1. Tell me something about you or Give your self introduction. 
2. What are your achievements in your schooling days or 
describe your schooling days. 
3. Why do you want to make your career in Defence?
4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now?
5. What qualities do you see in a successful officer?
6. Why should I select you only?
7. What has been the most challenging assignment in your life?
8. Which type of nature do you have? Introvert or Extrovert? Give an example to prove it. 
9. Are you sympathetic or empathetic? Which nature is better as per present scenario?
10. What are your extra curricular activities? Describe them?
11. Who is your role model and Why?
12. What are the mission and vision statements of Indian Army?
13. What changes would you like to bring in yourself after being the part of this organization?
14. Explain the role of punctuality and discipline in your life?
15. What is the difference between presence of mind and sense of humor. Give an example to clarify. 
16. What is a successful communication? Describe the skills required for it. 
17. What are the professional skills? Describe yours. 
18. What are your expectations from the organization you are going to join?
19. How is your sense of responsibility? Narrate and example for the same. 
20. What is negotiation skill? Explain it in detail with your perspective. 
21. Explain the role of team spirit in an officer's life?
22. Narrate an example of your leadership skills. 
23. Is it important for an officer to be dynamic in nature? If yes explain about yourself. 
24. Share the happiest/saddest/most embarrassing moment of your life.
25. How is your result orientation?

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