List of GD topics for SSB Interview

List of GD topics for SSB Interview
22-January 2019...........

List Of Latest GD Topics For SSB Interview

The group discussion is the first test conducted In SSB Interview  on GTO 1 day. The 2 group discussions are conducted to check the behavior of the candidates in the group activities along with the knowledge. The 2 group discussions are related to current and economic issues.

What is to be done during the GD? A group discussion is usually conducted in the SSB interview during your GT i.e. the Group Testing (DAY-3). ... The two Group Discussion basically takes place one after the other, after which GD culminates and other task took place.

 First of all, some do’s for the GD that the candidates must follow are:-

  • Stay clear and to the point.
  • Support you point with fact and examples.
  • Maintain your gestures and behavior.

Below Defence guru shares list of GD topics that will help you in preparing for your Group discussions.

  1. Population explosion
  2. Corruption in modern India
  3. Pollution
  4. Water shortage
  5. Global warming
  6. Non conventional energy
  7. Disaster management
  8. Unemployment in India
  9. Drug abuse
  10. Female infanticide
  11. Educating a girl child
  12. Status of women in India
  13. AIDS
  14. Child labour
  15. Poverty
  16. Reservation
  17. Ragging
  18. Value of sports and games
  19. Single parenting in India
  20. Medical tourism
  21. Tourism in India
  22. Freedom of press
  23. My role model
  24. My hobby
  25. Role of opposition in democracy
  26. India’s neighbors
  27. Terrorism a global threat
  28. Judicial reforms
  29. Police reforms
  30. Human rights
  31. Gay rights
  32. Role of media
  33. Globalization
  34. Kashmir problem
  35. CTBT and India
  36. Nuclear power
  37. Uniform civil code
  38. Cloning
  39. Missile development in india
  40. Space research in india
  41. Agriculture in india
  42. River water disputes
  43. Inflation
  44. FDI
  45. Do we need more states
  46. Banana government
  47. Women empowerment
  48. SAARC
  49. Indo-Pak relations
  50. Indo-China relations
  51. AFSPA
  52. Article 370
  53. Compulsory military training
  54. India –US relationship :future
  55. Naxal problem
  56. Sex education
  57. Reservation for women
  58. Generation gap
  59. Use of drugs in sports
  60. RTI
  61. RTE
  62. Acid rain
  63. Bollywood
  64. center state relations
  65. old age homes
  66. social services
  67. mass transportation
  68. ISRO
  69. Telemarketing
  70. Red Cross society
  71. Right to education
  72. judicial reforms
  73. adult education
  74. media ethics
  75. journalism
  76. women empowerment
  77. indian postal services

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