Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race In SSB and Its Importance

Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race In SSB and Its Importance
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Why group obstacle Race or Snake Race in conducted only in Army and Navy SSB?

Candidates as you might be aware that GOR/Snake Race is the 8th task of your GTO battery and It is only conducted in Army and Naval SSB. Have you ever thought why is it so? Why not the candidates appearing for Air force SSB (AFSB) are encountered with such kind of task.

Aspirants there is a very logical reason behind this, As you all might be aware that its basically a Group task add is very close to Military Planning. First of all I would like to discuss the entire task with you so that I becomes easy for your to understand.

GOR of Snake Race is an inter-Group race amongst two or more GTO groups. A set of six obstacles are placed in a line and the group is required to race to the finish line while carrying a load commonly called as Snake. The Idea is to place the stress on competition and see the candidates ability to push oneself while motivating the balance of the group to achieve. This is a simple task, be energetic and cooperative.

This is very exciting and thrilling task that you will enjoy. Group will compete against each other for the first rank, you will be going through Six obstacle such as climbing the wall, walking over web net, each group will have its own channel/path and you will be carrying one rope-like heavy structure and you will be given marks only if you don’t put it down till race is complete.


Rules to be followed:

(1) If any rule is broken your group will be penalized in either of the two ways:-

  • (a) Time Penalty:- Your group will be forced to stop doing anything and you will be made to cut down waiting time. While other groups can perform their task if they are not currently penalized.
  • (b) Repetition Penalty:- Some candidates may be asked to repeat a particular obstacle again.


(2) When you are crossing obstacles at least three will hold it and the rest of the everyone will hold it. Your group will be asked to choose a war cry to cheer up the group before the race begins and when the group will be crossing obstacles you all need to shout war cry and if you break rules there will penalty of two types: time and obstacle repeating.

(3) If a single member has done any wrong move he will ask it to perform it and join the group for the next



Important:- Keep yourself injury-free, you are going to get some minor scratch and medical help will be present there in all GTO exercises if anything goes wrong.


Suggestion:- Don’t try looking for GTO for getting their attention, they are observing you and you need to  focus on tasks. Here I have provided some sample pictures of the GOR or snake race.



Candidates by Now, you might be very much clear that what all guidelines  you need to follow for the obstacles. As you can clearly see that the GOR is a task which is very close to Military exercise. As you all know, In army and navy the officers have to deal with men they need to cross various obstacles and carry out operations along with the troops. So there you need to be very energetic and show leadership skills. You are required to be a good team player and Motivation. Whereas in Air force you will be basically dealing with the machines and machines have technical issues and they need their system development. So that’s the basic reason why GOR is only conducted in Army & Navy SSB Boards.



Yash Tripathi

Senior Faculty
Centurion Defence Academy

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