Group Obstacle Race in SSB Interview- Important Points and Tips for GOR

Group Obstacle Race in SSB Interview- Important Points and Tips for GOR
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The Group Obstacle Race, commonly referred to as the Snake Race, is a vital component of the Services Selection Board (SSB) interview, designed to evaluate candidates' physical fitness, teamwork, leadership, and performance under pressure. In this activity, all group members must collaboratively cross a series of obstacles within a specified time frame, while carrying a heavy, snake-like load, typically a bag filled with sand. The primary objective is not just to complete the race but to effectively coordinate and support each other throughout the challenge. This race tests the participants' ability to work as a cohesive unit, showcasing their leadership qualities and communication skills. The obstacles vary in difficulty and require different strategies, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and collective problem-solving. The Group Obstacle Race is a comprehensive test of both physical and mental endurance, crucial for identifying potential leaders for the armed forces.


Let us first understand what the Group Obstacle Race is!

In the group obstacle race, all the members of the group cross various obstacles within a certain time frame. The main objective is not just to finish the race but to coordinate the team to complete it. During this race, you have to carry a large and heavy snake-like load (usually made of a bag filled with sand) along with your group.


Why is the GOR (Group Obstacle Race) important?


Physical Fitness: This test is included in the SSB Interview to assess your physical fitness, as you need to be fit to complete these obstacles properly.

Teamwork: The Group Obstacle Race is all about teamwork. This test evaluates your ability to work in a team, which is a crucial requirement for our Armed Forces.

Leadership: Leadership is the foremost requirement to become an officer in the Armed Forces. This test assesses your leadership skills, making it important for a candidate to perform well.

Communication: Effective communication is essential for leading a team and establishing coordination. It is also a key parameter of this test.


List of Obstacles in the Snake Race


Obstacle Number 01: Ramp and Jump

This obstacle is quite simple and easily overcome. You have to climb a plank or beam with the snake and jump to the other side. After clearing the first hurdle, all the candidates must proceed to the next hurdle.


Obstacle Number 02: Figure Eight

To complete this obstacle, you have to make a figure eight. First, the candidates have to climb the middle structure, go up from the front, and come back to the middle beam from the other side, then land on the ground, making the shape of 08.


Obstacle Number 03: Spider Web

This obstacle features a structure like a 09-foot-high goal post, with a net of ropes on both sides. All group members must cross this structure with the snake.


Obstacle Number 04: Double Wall

This barrier consists of two walls (06 inches and 06 feet high) connected at the top by thick beams. All the members of the group must first climb the wall, cross the poles, move to the other wall, and jump to the other side.


Obstacle Number 05: High Wall

This obstacle includes a wall 08 feet high. Here, a strong candidate can stand on top of the wall, allowing other candidates to climb on his shoulders to reach the top.


Obstacle Number 06: Ramp and Slide

In this obstacle, horizontal beams are fixed on both sides of a 07 or 08-foot-high pole. Each candidate must climb the horizontal bars with the help of vertical bars and slide to the other side.


Tips for Performing Well in Group Obstacle Race


Take Initiative: Give the group valuable ideas to overcome the first obstacle and choose a powerful slogan. This demonstrates true leadership.


Work as a Team: Don't scold or be irritable with any member. Work as a team and never let nervousness show in your facial expressions or behavior.


Boost Group Morale: If you feel the group's morale is dropping, energize them, use slogans, and show enthusiasm. Keep your speech calm.


Provide Assistance: While climbing a wall or any other obstacle, help those who are not as physically fit and need assistance. This shows your humility and leadership qualities.


Be Vigilant: Be aware of any rules that might be broken and guide the group accordingly. This shows that you are a responsible and aware member.


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