A Comprehensive Guide For Progressive Group Task (PGT) in SSB

A Comprehensive Guide For Progressive Group Task (PGT) in SSB
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Progressive Group Task (PGT) in SSB Interview

The name PGT might stir anxiety in many SSB aspirants but those willing to build their own palace take it as a fun task and that, my friend, is the key to win it!

Progressive Group Task (PGT) comes third in sequence of GTO tasks but is the first one in line of outdoor tests. Outdoor does not only imply physical, but mental exercise as well.

To relieve your rising pulse due to the mention of PGT, I have exclusively jotted down a summary of the entire tabulate of PGT below:

Progressive Group Task (PGT) PROCEDURE

As inferred from the name, in PGT the level of difficulty keeps on increasing as the group progresses further. In a nutshell each group is given certain obstacles and they have to cross the path while overcoming those obstacles through the aid of materials provided. The time designated is 40- 45 minutes. No, of course not, there is a lot more to it.

The levels are 4 in numbers and the materials include: wooden plank, rope and wooden pole.

GTO gives instruction as to how to carry the load from finishing line to the end.

He explains the rules, the materials given and some do’s and don’ts.

Once the candidates have cleared their doubts, the real task begins and the GTO eventually guides the group to next level as they cross the first obstacle.


Progressive Group Task (PGT) AIM

No game lies baseless. There is always a strong invisible string attached to it. Herein the string or to say the aim is to judge your team spirit, your practical skills, your determination, co- operation, spontaneity, communication skill, mental+ physical stamina, innovative approach and intelligence.


Progressive Group Task (PGT) RULES

The salient rules of PGT go something like:

There is a framework of colors when it comes to structures, that is, white structure- permitted for both candidates and material to touch; blue structures- only candidates are allowed to touch; red- barded for both candidate and helping material.

The group, altogether, has to move ahead whenever required not just few members or some material. Each person and each thing must go hand in hand.

Helping material could be tied to the structure but not with each other.

Moreover if the distance is more than 4 feet then it could not be jumped rather it can be bridged with a rope.


Progressive Group Task (PGT) TIPS:

Your objective is to find a logical solution as quickly as possible keeping co- ordination with the group members. In this context the tips to be followed are:

  • 1. Listen attentively to the GTO when he is giving the instructions.
  • 2. Don’t act smart in front of the GTO by showing you know everything and neither act dumb by asking silly questions.
  • 3. Understand the rules accurately and give reasonable solutions.
  • 4. Take a moment to observe and analyze the structures, the hurdles involved and then driver to the solution
  • 5. Try to initiate the task. As soon as the GTO says ‘ok’ or commands to begin, be the first one to reach the source and cross the obstacle.
  • 6. Don’t violate the rules.
  • 7. Be active by contributing logical ideas to the group.
  • 8. If nothing else then at least be a valuable support to the group by cheering and helping in the most possible way.
  • 9. Give equal chance to other group mates to present their ideas. Show some team spirit.
  • 10. If you are the person in the forefront, for instance, by building up a bridge then invite help and involvement of other members as well. Don’t take the responsibility all alone.
  • 11. Be involved in the task and be amiable. Do not show aggression or resistance of any sort for any team member.
  • 12. Try not to look at the GTO while performing the task.
  • 13. Be an encouragement for everyone. Neither get disappointed nor let anyone else be discouraged.
  • 14. Try to bargain for more time when the task commences.
  • 15. Since it’s a group task so cater well to your team by not being dominant.


Life is about taking risk while having fun. Play smart and grill it all with your burning passion. Be the strength of your group and let your contributions reflect your talent





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