Last Minutes Tips for PPDT

Last Minutes Tips for PPDT
07-October 2017 1 Comment(s)

Ladies and Gentlemen, PP&DT is thorny issue among SSB aspirants now a days. Unbelievable and unexpected selections/rejections in screening test, are overwhelming candidates to explore it’s selection criteria. During Stage-I i.e. Picture Perception & Description Test, mini SSB board (usually consists of 3 persons headed by GTO, one person from psych. panel and one from interview panel) assess you on various aspects. Three factors are measured while calculating one’s screening marks, are as follows :-

Components Affecting Screening Test Calculation


1- It ranks from 1 to 5. OIR 2 & 3 have smooth chances of recommendation.
2- It is calculated based on your verbal and non-verbal test performance.


1- Having OIR 2 or 3 and narrating average story makes one's chances viable.
2- eye contact, tactfulness and regular speech modulation without stammer is essential.


1- Be initiative(top 3 speakers),conclusion finder, 3 or 4 times entry, give chance to others and listen them too.
2- Avoid speaking endlessly,don't speak during fish market, influence others by giving workable ideas.

On day-I, first scheduled test is verbal and non-verbal test which is also termed as OIR test. Through this test, candidate’s OIR value (from 1 to 5) is calculated based on number of right answers. Then, second test of the day which is most awaited and deciding component, is conducted i.e. PP&DT which includes story writing, narration and then group discussion. However, in recent time, narration part is becoming just like centrifugal force in PP&DT. Same fact (based on their ssb experience) is also being reported by so many student candidates at various branches of Centurion Academy Lucknow, U.P.

While narrating story, following key factors are to be adhered :-

DO's & DONT's for Narration:-

(1) Since liability to conduct narration and group discussion lies with GTO. He is very particular to assess your listening ability too. So please listen instructions carefully. It is my advice that go through default briefing of PP&DT (means it's full procedure because 95% same briefing is being delivered by assessor) by understanding it's connectivity in live scenario.

(2) During narration, please mention number of characters you have observed, their gender, mood, age of your main/central character and action of the story.

(3) During PP&DT, individual has to write his/her perception concisely. Your story must revolve around the clue of the image. Unlike in TAT, here, image may be hazy, semi hazy or a clear one too.

(4) It must contain logical frame under three guidelines, i.e.
(a) what led to the situation. (2-3 lines or 15-20 words)
(b) what is going on. (6-7 lines or 50-60 words)
(c) what will be the outcome of the story. (2-3 lines or 25-30 words)
it must contain positive traits of main/central character.

(5) Please complete your narration before 60 seconds. (Rule of thumb)

(6) Don't stammer during narration. Mere 2 or 3 stucks during your narration may spoil your performance. Do atleast 10 Practises in front of mirror with stopwatch to enhance your power of expression (OLQ-4).

(7) To overcome this kind of haphazard movement, candidate should immediate say 'sorry' or 'correction' with positive gestures and making proper eye contact with group members which reveals an honest confession by the candidate.

(8) Use sentences just like radio telephonic conversation between pilot and controller. Objective of giving this example is to convey you that frame sentences precisely by using minimum grammar and other words. Then only you can complete your narration within stipulated time. i.e. 60 seconds.

(9) An effective narration always demands quality of suitable words, regular speech modulation and appropriate tempo in voice with controlled non-verbal communication.

(10) Tactful approach means assertiveness in expressions often leads to good result. Once you complete your narration, always say thank you friends thanks for listening with mild smile on your face and also avoid from assessor's command which will be usually given if you exceed more than 60 seconds and your narration does not finish. So practise to finish it with in 50-55 seconds.

If you could execute even 80% of my tips during your screening test. Mind it, you will definitely get good news in your upcoming SSB. Thank you. In next article, I shall explain about skills required to perform during group discussion of PP&DT and it's DO's & DONT's.

Happy preparation!
Jai Hind!!


Shishir Dixit
Centurion Education Pvt Ltd
Author is SSB expert (Psychology), Motivational speaker & Air Veteran.

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