NDA SSB Interview Tips for Girls

NDA SSB Interview Tips for Girls
07-December 2021

                                                 NDA SSB Interview Tips for Girls

The UPSC conducted the NDA 2 2021 written exam on 14th November 2021 with the female aspirants participating in the national-level entrance exam for the first time. The NDA 2 2021 written results are likely to be announced soon by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The next stage after the written exam in the NDA selection procedure consists of a comprehensive intelligence-cum-personality test conducted by the Services Selection Board. In this article, we will discuss in detail the important preparation tips to crack the NDA 2 2021 SSB Interview with flying colors.

The SSB Interview is vital in the NDA selection procedure as it plays a decisive role in the final recommendation of the candidates. The NDA SSB selection procedure consists of two stages. Only those candidates who clear stage I are permitted to appear for stage II.

  • Stage I comprises Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests are Picture Perception & Description Test (PP&DT).
  • Stage II Comprises Interview, Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests, and the Conference.

The candidates will be shortlisted based on the combination of performance in the OIR Test and PP&DT. The NDA SSB Stage-I testing is basically a screening test by which the candidates are shortlisted for the next round of testing. All those candidates who qualify for the NDA SSB Stage-I test successfully will undergo various tests as part of Stage-II testing during the next four to five days. Contrary to this, the Stage-I disqualified candidates are sent back to their homes after the declaration of the results of the screening test on the same day.

Important Preparation Tips for NDA 2 2021 SSB Interview

The written qualified candidates are called for an Interview conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB) which involves personality assessment, psychological tests, and various group obstacles to assess the suitability of a candidate into the defence forces. Following are the important tips to clear the SSB Interview with flying colors and make it to the final merit list.

  • Candidates must have a clear-cut insight and positive outlook to pass the screening test which is the very first stage in the 5-days long SSB Interview.
  • To have an excellent performance in the GTO tasks, the NDA aspirants should develop in them the feeling of cooperation and team spirit.
  • The officer-like qualities ("OLQs") are the most important aspects that help the Services Selection Board to select the best suitable candidates.
  • Candidates should also develop good observation skills and problem-solving approaches to tackle different situations with ease.
  • Aspirants should have proficient communication skills along with having an extensive knowledge of Current Affairs to deal with relevant questions during the SSB Interview.
  • The SSB is responsible to assess and recommend eligible candidates for National Defence Academy for further training and commission.
  • The whole selection procedure in the SSB Interview is based on the concept of Manasa, Vacha, and Karmana, which means the active involvement of mind, speech, and actions.
  • Candidates must have a good command with active participation to deal with various tasks like SRT, WAT, PGT, Final Group Task, Physical Test, and other Group Obstacles.
  • Candidates should start reading newspapers to stay updated with the latest news & current affairs as well as to improve their communication & interpersonal skills to perform well in every stage of the SSB testing.
  • The candidates should read all the important events related to the Government of India & its policies, economy, defence-oriented activities, and specifically about the organization of the Indian Armed Forces and their headquarters.

We hope that this article on Tips to crack NDA 2 2021 SSB Interview will help you to excel in the NDA SSB Testing. Explore more relevant articles on our website to improve your knowledge and gain a better understanding of the defense exams. If you are preparing for the NDA 2 2021 SSB Interview, contact us on 9795977776 for the best preparation of the NDA SSB with India’s Best Defence Coaching.


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