Personal Questions in Interviews

Personal Questions in Interviews
14-November 2017...........

Personal Interview Round 
Dear students,
I am going to share an strategy to do well in the PIQ (Personal Interview Questionnaire). In most of interviews, maximum section of questions is concerned with personal questions only. At first I am going to discuss the logic to have such discussion majorly in the interviews. I have found the following reasons behind it.

a) it comes in the basic etiquette and manners to assess the skills in smooth manner. An interviewer shouldn't begin with the technical questions. Answering technical questions in the beginning of interaction can be challenging for anyone. So to make an interactive and smooth approach, interviewers begin with normal questions only and gradually they continue with tougher questions.

b) Generally a student thinks that the job of interviewer's is so easy. They are just there with relaxed mood and gossiping with the candidates. But my dear students, the reality is something else. The interviewers also have a certain targets to achieve. Their job is also challenging, the way your job is. So to select a right candidate, being humble doesn't only become their moral responsibility but also their requirements of job profile.

c) The assessment of skills can be done with the proper analysis of one of the skills. To check whether the rice is cooked can be done with the single bit of rice. No need to check all bits of rice. So be it a technical or non technical discussion, the assessment of skills continues.

d) An approach to test your common sense. Yes ofcourse, there is a simple thing to understand is that if a candidate is unable to answer simple questions of his personal round then how is he supposed to know many other existing things in the world.

Hopefully above mentioned reasons male you understand well the logic of beginning the interview with personal intelligence questionnaire.

Happy learning !

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