PPDT Stories With Answers

PPDT Stories With Answers
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Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP&DT)

PPDT known as the Picture Perception and Discussion Test where candidates need to write a story based on the picture shown to them Here we share some Tips to write a PPDT Story and Some PPDT Stories with Answers. Read this story and make your own story to successfully clear the SSB interview.


PPDT Rules :

1. You are given 30 seconds to view the picture.
2. Within the next one minute, you have to fill a rectangular box and the action of the story.
Inside the rectangular box, you need to fill age, sex, and mood of the characters you see in the picture.
Under the ACTION heading, you are supposed to write what is happening in the story within one line.
3. The next 4 minutes are given to write the story.

Note : Remember the quality of the picture shown there is very poor and hazy, you won't be able to identify minor objects.

How to write a PPDT story

You need to include the following points in your story
1. Make a positive story with a leading character
2. Bring a problem into the story
3. Include innovative ideas to solve that problem
4. End the story properly
5. If you are female, then make a female lead character in the picture (you would not find a picture where all are males in the picture)
6. Also remember that the story must represent you, how you think, and how you react in that situation, include these things in your story. They also instruct you to add your emotions and feelings to the story.


PPDT Stories With Answers



Samunder used to make ceramic surahi and sell them. He observed a great decline in his earnings since very few were interested in buying ceramic surahi even in the rural areas he was not selling many. It was because of the growing no. of water purifiers in every household. The surahi had been losing its position among the households. One day while he was taking a rest he felt something in his pocket was bothering him. He checked and found it was stone, but that stone was glistering. He put stress on his mind and found it came from the river he visited in the morning. There he got the idea of making surahi which also shines like this stone. He ground that stone mixed it with clay and made a surahi. later he brought other stones of different colors and then many different patterns started coming on surahi. now everybody wanted to buy surahi for their houses. One day while he was on his way to another city to sell surahi, a man in a suit came to him and inquired about those surahies. He liked those surahies and offered samunder to sell them online. after six months many e-commerce websites were selling samunder's surahies. Now he does not wander from place to place to sell surahis.



Ramesh has just come out of prison after serving his sentence over a theft attempt. He tried to snatch a lady's purse and run away but a woman held his leg and fought with him till the crowd captured him and handed him over to the police. Now he seeks revenge from the lady. He bought a knife and went to her house at night. He observed that the woman's husband is no longer alive and has only one child. He introspected himself and asked himself what he had been doing in life. He felt very bad about himself. He then woke that lady up and told her about everything and asked the lady to hand him over to the police, but she apologized to him. The next day he again came to meet that lady and told him that now he wanted to work in order to improve the lives of other people who come out of jail. He told her about his plan to start an NGO that would support the man after his sentence. They together started an NGO that looks after the families of men who are behind bars and helps them to get jobs after their sentences are completed.




John works as a software engineer in Encrypt Pvt. Ltd. Company. One day he got a call from the director of the music company. They decided to meet at a coffee shop. The director told him that they are going to launch an album after six months which is being produced by some of the top musical artists in our country and this album is going to be a huge hit. But there is an inevitable problem of piracy they face because of which we lose a big amount of money in the market. John asked for a time period of three months. He made a team of engineers in web technology, data encryption, and data transfer over the Internet. After extensive research, they built a tool over the web that can self-destroy data after first use. They made a presentation and presented in front of the music company. They informed their music will be distributed over the web rather than on disks, registered users can listen song once for free, and after that, they have to pay 1 rs. To listen. They can download as many times as they want for 1rs. Each time, each song can be listened to only once after that it would erase itself. The company liked the idea of John's team and they finalized the deal with them. John and the team developed a sophisticated website for music to launch and launched music successfully. Later this became the most favourite way of launching music for music companies.




Ankur is studying in his final year of mechanical engineering. One day while he was going to his college his bike tire got punchered. He went to a nearby bike mechanic and asked him to make the tire good. The mechanic opened the tire and saw the tube had been torn. He recommended Ankur replace the tube with a new tube, but Ankur did not bring that much money and he was getting late. The mechanic somehow repaired the tube and the bike was again ready to run. While Ankur was riding back to his college, he thought about the mechanic that he had been working as a mechanic for a long time, not moving to a higher rank, if he had been in a company he might have been promoted to upper level till now. Also, his skill level has reached to much higher level as he has been working for so long, and still not getting as much salary as deserves. Ankur shared this thought with his friends. They decided to help that mechanic and many other people who were uneducated but skilled. They persuaded that mechanic to join a degree course of six months which he completed in just three months. After they helped him get a loan from the bank and started his own shop. Later his shop became the most popular in the area.




Salim was with his neighbor's son in the hospital when his neighbor was declared dead by doctors. He was suffering from blood cancer, His blood type is very rare among the population and they could not find a donor at the time. He consulted doctors about the availability of donors, doctors told him that donors are available but we are only restricted to our storage capacity, and there is no way to find more donors though there are many people who will help if asked on time. Then he decided to create a website that would show the blood groups of people in that area along with their contact numbers. He started his plan at the school of that neighbor's son. He knew the school conducted blood group tests of admitted students. He appealed school authority to share that data with his website. He grew database school by school and from children to their parents. Later that website was linked with the website of government hospitals. This information helped a lot in cases of blood cancer and accidents. Later government decided to endorse and fund Salim's website and take this project to other cities in India as well.




Krishan was a farmer in a village. Many farmers of this village used to grow vegetables and fruits. Many farmers were having a huge loss as stray animals used to come to fields at night and ate their fruits and vegetables and also there were many thefts of fruits and vegetables going on in the night. Krishan called the panchayat to address this issue. Krishan proposed that those who do the farming of fruits and vegetables out of them 4 or 5 members will be selected to watch the fields every day turn by turn. One day it was Krishna's turn to go to the fields. That day weather was very upset. He asked other farmers to come with him and everybody refused and thought today no animals or thieves could come because of to storm. But Krishan decided to go to the fields alone. When he went to the field he saw that the river bank had broken and water was being flooded into the fields. He immediately started repairing it but was not able to do it alone. He then cut some trees along with the bank and poured leaves and mud between them to make a temporary stoppage. He then rushed back to the village and called other farmers. All of them together were able to repair the flooding of water into fields.




Manish hails from a small village. His village used to receive much water from rain in the rainy season but they often felt a shortage of water as there were no lakes to provide water when needed. His village was surrounded by hills. He suggested to his father that they build a concrete pond high above the ground which will collect water coming from hills in the rainy season and that water could be used to facilitate fields when needed. His father called the panchayat and brought up this issue. The surpanch of the village agreed to use funds to build that pond. All the villagers helped to build the pond. A committee comprised of elders was formed to distribute water so that no conflict occurs over water distribution. Now villagers use that water whenever needed. Later farmers of the other villagers took inspiration from their work and built ponds in their villages too.




Kishan is the school principal on the outskirts of the city. He read an article in the newspaper that discusses the issue of aimlessness in today's youngsters. The writer of the author placed his thoughts very logically on how this is leading to high job dissatisfaction in India. Krishan knew that children must understand his interest in early life which would be advanced and groomed to make their aptitude. He held all staff meetings and formulated a plan to induce his idea in school academics. He then decided to address all the children of schools with their parents on the day of the parent-teacher meeting. He there represented his plan to make academics more practical and skill-centric from an early stage. He informed everybody that special subject classes would be held on weekends. Each student is expected to attend whichever subject class he wants to join. The class rules will be completely different from the typical class environment. There will be no uniform for those classes, and no school bags and copies are supposed to be brought. Everybody was excited about what would happen in these classes. He decided to take his first class by himself. He went to the children and asked what they learned in today's class. Children replied to the Pythagoras theorem. He then brought out all the children near a tree and taught them how to find the length of that tree just with a stick. Day by Day more students started joining those classes and school started performing in many inter-school competitions.




Anup is called by his school principal in the head office. The principal was holding his scorecard of recent midterm exams. As Anup topped that examination, he was called to participate in a state-level inter-school GK competition. The Principal told him to form teams with other students and start preparing for the competition. Anup got very excited and started thinking about the other students whom he wanted to form a team with. He again went to the principal's office the next day and told him that he had not selected any students as his team members. He suggested a plan to bring out talented students. He suggested that every week an exam will be held for those students who are interested in the GK competition. That exam will gradually cover the syllabus of the competition and after every exam student will be dropped and selected based on their scores. The principal was very impressed with his suggestion and decided to select the same pattern for the exam which has been proposed for the actual competition. After a few weeks of exams, they had three top students. As Anup was the top scorer he was selected as team captain to represent his school. When they went to the actual competition they found it quite familiar they had been doing for past few weeks and performed well and won first prize in the competition. Then they all started preparing for the national level.




There has been an exodus of people from a village near the border. There have been a lot of deaths because of the firing and bombings near the border. Army officer Darpan is posted in that area. He along with his team went to villagers and tried to persuade the villagers not to go anywhere. They gave them assurance that the army would take their issue to the government and provide them security. Darpan and his team decided to live with villagers till the issue was resolved and they could gain confidence in their security. Darpan took this issue to higher officers and informed them about the whole situation. Darpan with his higher officers held a meeting with government officials in order to resolve the issue of the shooting. They presented the statistics of deaths in nearby villages because of shootings, they also told them that villages near the border of our opposite side also complains about mishap during shootings and bombings. The governments of both countries met to resolve the issue. Villagers from both sides were invited to talk. Both governments signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that areas that fall along with village border and their agricultural lands would be used to fight. Both armies will decrease their strengths in those areas and the government will compensate the families affected by border shootings. Villagers were very happy with this resolution.




Rahul along with his class and teachers went to visit an NGO as part of the NSS activity. That NGO was helping poor people suffering from diseases whose medical costs are very high and those who are unable to pay their medical expenses. There he met a woman who was suffering from cancer. She was not getting the full dose of medicines. As there were many patients in that NGO funds were limited. Rahul wrote the medicine names from patient's prescriptions. After visiting the NGO, he started searching for cheap medicine that could be given in place of those medicines. He went to visit his biological teachers, he met pharmaceutical shops and some well-known ayurvedic and homeopathic practitioners. He later went back to the NGO and suggested some ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines available in place of those costly medicines that are being used for patients. He also suggested NGOs use generic medicines as their cost is way cheaper. NGO volunteers said that they are aware of generic drugs but they are not available in our area. Rahul plans to send an application to the local MLA and request them to set up a generic drug shop. Rahul brought that initiative to their principal took the signatures of students and teachers of the whole school and forwarded their application to MLA. MLA happily accepted their proposal and promised them to set up the shop as soon as possible.




Rehman was working as a chief civil engineer in the urban development authority. He was recently transferred into a new district. While having a look at pending projects he got to know that the area is suffering from floods that affect in rainy season and cost the state government a lot of trouble. He with his team went to visit that area. He observed that there was a bridge over the river that was too old, and the bridge condition was also not well. He along with his team prepared a report on the whole situation. They included how the solution of building a dam on the river would cure all the problems of not only flood but also lack of electricity and submitted their report to a higher authority to seek purpose and funds to build dams. The ministry accepted their proposal and appointed Rehman as head of the project. Rehman immediately started working on that project and formed a team of engineers. He also sought advice from nearby villages and colonies that would be affected by the dam. He set up and met with all the people who were concerned about the dam building. Farmer's concern was that water would be restricted if the dam was built, Rehman assured them the water would be released as per their demands during cultivation. He also assured city people that there would be a road above the dam. After six months of construction, A dam was ready to serve the people of that city.




Jackson was going to leave her daughter to the school. She had her board exam going on. As he was crossing a sharp turn, a boy around the age of her daughter and in school uniform lost control of his bicycle and hit their car. Jackson was able to control the vehicle on time as he was going very slow over the turn. He immediately got out of the car and went to the boy. Luckily the boy was not injured severely, he got some bruises and scratches on his skin. He brought a first-aid kit from the car and bandaged his wounds. He dropped the boy himself at school and informed his parents as well. while coming back he stopped and observed that turn. He then went to the traffic police department and filed an RTI to request accident location records for the past five years. After analyzing the records he found that the turn is the most notorious black spot in the city. He immediately filed an application to the police department to put a black spot hoarding sign on that turn. Then he decided to take the initiative to treat that accidental spot. He arranged his RTI records as evidence of his application for local MLA. He also brought that child's parents with him. The minister promised to immediately start rectifying that spot and apologized for the negligence of the authority. Today that black spot has been treated by widening the road and the accident ratio over the turn has almost vanished.




Deepak was in the 12th class. One day he saw a Red Cross bus that came to their colony to collect blood from volunteer donors. He went and donated his blood. He gathered information about blood donation from doctors. He got to know that there is an acute shortage of blood in India, even though statistics of college-going students giving blood donors are very low in India as compared to other countries. He then decided to persuade his friends and family members to donate their blood. He thought of an idea for a cycle campaign. He persuaded some of his friends to join his campaign and then they went to the blood bank and told him about the idea of their cycle campaign. they told officials that they would go to remote areas on cycle and spread information about blood donation. They also requested one or two officials to come with them. The blood bank gave them initial training about collecting blood and first aid and sent one doctor with them. They asked the village panchayat to set up a meeting with villagers about blood donation. they started their journey in the morning visiting mainly schools and villages. They gave a presentation that informed villagers about the facts of blood donation. they told them that it has no effect on the human body, rather beneficial for cancer and heart diseases. They kept on going with presentation information and collecting blood. They were happy to see that all of their blood bags were filled by evening. They submitted their collected bags to the blood bank.




Ramesh is a student of aeronautics engineering, He came to his village Gurdaspur on summer vacation. Gurdaspur is a small village on the outskirts of Himachal covered by hills from all sides. Almost every farmer grows radish and their earnings depend on it. Radish is one of the fastest growing vegetables which takes 25-30 days.
Now farmers are dealing with the attack of insects in their fields and losing a large amount of crops every year. Gurdaspur does not have sufficient manpower to cover the whole ground with insecticide. Ramesh came up with the idea of showering the insecticide from the sky.
He builds a team of carpenters to build a structure of wood, cobblers to tighten joints as well as to keep them flexible, blacksmiths to provide strength to the structure, and construction workers to maintain symmetry in the structure. He provided the initial training to all of them about the basics of aerodynamics and building a glider after working day and night for 3 months. Now using that glider gurdaspur people are able to cover every inch of ground with insecticide.

later he took his idea to state govt. and ...




Rajat and his family visited their family deity temple. After performing rituals in the temple they saw a notice on the notice board. The content of the notice was "The temple will be closed from the next day because of insufficient funds to manage the temple activities". They then visited the manager of the temple and gave him ample amount of money to run the temple. After reaching home Rajat created a website and and an account on behalf of that temple and created an awareness among the people about the loss of functioning of the temple due to insufficient funds. Day by day many responses and funds from the people from various places received the temple and the temple came back to the proper working conditions all day.


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