SSB Interview Joining Instructions for All SSB Aspirants

SSB Interview Joining Instructions for All SSB Aspirants
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SSB Interview Joining Instructions to join Centurion Defence Academy 21 Day SSB Program for All SSB Aspirants

The guidelines below are a set of disciplinary instructions that must be followed by all SSB aspirants who join Centurion Defence Academy for the 21-Day SSB Program. These guidelines include some critical points that all SSB candidates must keep in mind before arriving at Centurion Defence Academy. Continue reading for more information on SSB Interview joining instructions.


  • Plan Your Stay


The Centurion SSB Program lasts 21 days, but candidates can stay another week in the hostel for free if they have any additional questions or concerns. As a result, aspirants should plan ahead of time for at least 30 days.


  • Hygiene and Health


All applicants must follow COVID-appropriate guidelines and maintain their personal hygiene. Furthermore, all candidates are advised to maintain their physical fitness.


  • The Dress Code


Candidates must bring three light-colored shirts and three pairs of trousers. They must also bring their GTO sportswear, which consists of a white T-shirt, white trousers, a white lower, a pair of white shoes, and white shocks.


  • Physical Health


Candidates are also advised to carry dry fruits with them because GTO training at Centurion Defence Academy is a rigorous schedule that requires them to control their eating habits and prioritize their physical fitness.


  • Notebooks


Candidates must bring two plain notebooks: one for notes on general awareness, lecturettes, and current affairs, and the other for psychology, GTO indoor practices, and other sessions.


  • Arrival Time


Since our new SSB batch begins on Monday mornings, candidates are advised to arrive at the academy on Saturday or Sunday evenings to avoid missing any initial sessions.


  • Bookings for Hostel


Candidates are advised to book their hostel seats in advance via online registration to avoid last-minute panic.


  • Items Barred


Candidates are not permitted to bring any additional SSB books, laptops, or study materials because Centurion's library provides them with adequate internet connectivity, computers, SSB books, and other important notes.


  • Cash and Personal Belongings


Candidates are also advised not to bring any valuable items with them and to only keep the required amount of cash.



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