10 Tips for OIR Test in SSB Interview

10 Tips for OIR Test in SSB Interview
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OIR or Officer Intelligence Rating Test is the first test and one of the most important tests of the SSB Interview. The OIR Test consists of verbal and non-verbal questions and is conducted in two parts. This test is conducted on the two booklets, the first booklet consists of verbal questions and the second booklet consists of non-verbal questions or vice versa. Candidates are given 20-25 minutes to solve these questions. There is no negative marking in the OIR test, so candidates can attempt as many questions as they want. Questions in the OIR area of easy to moderate level but the time given in this test is limited. Candidates have to solve 50 questions in 20-25 questions, which is very limited time. This time constraint makes it tough. OIR plays a big role in the screening result. If candidates do not perform well in the OIR test, there are chances that they may be screened out. In this article, we will share ten tips for the OIR Test in SSB Interview which will greatly help you in preparing for OIR and scoring good marks in this test.


1. Try to attempt easy questions first

Time is the singular factor that makes YOUR tough so it is very easy to save time. As mentioned earlier, each booklet of OIR consists of 50 questions. Some of these 50 questions are easy and some are tough. Candidates should try to solve easier ones first. By solving easier ones first, candidates will be able to save time for the tough ones and they will feel confident also.

2. Use tricks to solve questions

There are various tricks that can be used to solve questions in a short-cut manner. These short tricks will make solving questions easy and will help you save time. Short tricks can be used to solve both reasoning and maths questions in OIR. For example- If you want to find the square of 51 or 512 then you should Difference from 25 à 51-25 = 26 and then Difference from 50 à51-50= 01 and the square of 01 will be 01. Hence, the Final Answer is 2601

3. Remember Cubes, Squares and Alphabet Numbers

By Remembering cubes, squares, and alphabet numbers candidates will be able to solve series, missing series, and wrong number series very easily. Alphabet Numbers will greatly help you in solving questions of coding-decoding and various other questions. By remembering these, candidates will be able to save time and solve questions accurately.

4. Do not give too much time to a question

As mentioned earlier, OIR is all about managing time, otherwise, candidates can solve every question. So, it is very important not to waste too much time on a single question. Remember each question has equal marks. You can solve two questions instead of giving time to a tough question. Hence, candidates should decide wisely where they need to give more time.

5. Practice with a timer

Candidates can start practicing with a timer to get more comfortable with the actual test scenario. Candidates should understand that in OIR, your battle is against time. So, you need to manage your time very well. Candidates can take a printout of the OIR practice set and set a timer of 20 minutes.

6. Try to solve questions without using a pen

Candidates should try to solve questions orally without using a pen. This habit will take time to develop. But, once you develop this habit, you will be able to solve OIR questions very easily. To develop this habit, Candidates should try to do calculations in their mind only. Gradually, candidates will be able to solve questions in their minds only.

7. Use the elimination technique

Elimination technique is very important not only in solving GS and English questions but also in reasoning and quant questions. The elimination technique helps you save time and mark questions correctly. For example, if you have been asked for a relationship of a female person, you can eliminate all the male options. This elimination technique can be used in other topics also. Candidates can master this technique gradually by practice.

8. Do not attempt maths questions first

In the OIR test, maths questions are always time-consuming. so if you are very confident in maths, only then you should try to attempt it first. Otherwise, you should attempt questions on other topics like English and reasoning. Questions from these topics are easier to solve and take less time.

9. Practice, Practice and Practice

Finally, practice is the key to this test. So, candidates should practice this test as much as they can. Candidates can take printouts of the OIR sets and practice them. First, candidates should start solving questions normally and after some time they should try to solve OIR sets with a timer.

10. Write when asked and stop writing when asked

SSB Interview authorities are very strict with discipline so candidates should never become over-smart in the SSB Interview. Candidates should start solving when asked and they should stop writing when they are asked to stop. Remember, OIR is not the only test that will decide your recommendation.

Now, candidates must understand the importance of the OIR test and ways to do well in the OIR test. Lastly, candidates should remember that OIR plays a big role for borderline candidates also. OIR test result is referred for borderline candidates in the conference round. Hence, it becomes very important to prepare for the OIR test in a good manner to ensure success in the first stage of the SSB Interview.

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