Top 10 Interview Questions for the Upcoming SSB Interview

Top 10 Interview Questions for the Upcoming SSB Interview
27-January 2024

Personal Interview in the SSB Interview is a nightmare for many aspirants. It is in the personal interview when you will be facing the Interviewing Officer face to face. He will have all your details in the PIQ form. So, we need to be prepared well to face such a challenging task. Here, we have provided a list of the Top 10 Personal Interview Questions that can be asked in the upcoming SSB Interviews. Candidates should keep in mind that these are sample questions only. These questions and answers are examples only and candidates can form their own answers taking motivation from these questions and answers. Candidates should mention their own life examples to justify their answers.


                     SSB Interview Questions

Question- Why do you want to join the Indian Army?

Answer- Sir, I want to join the Indian Army because it is my childhood dream. But, It is not the only reason behind my decision to join the Indian Army. The respect we get being in the Indian Army is parallel and being in the Indian Army, one gets so many opportunities such as the chance to visit the remotest part of India. Indian Army also gives a chance to be a part of Adventure which is nowhere available.

Question- Tell about the top recent development in the Indian Army.

Answer-  The Indian Army has started adopting major technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Big Data, and advanced communication. For example, the Daksha System can locate enemy formations using AI, and Swarm Drone Technology can be the game changer on the battlefield. The Indian Army is also setting up a cyber defence command to deal with any cyber attacks in the future.

Question- How do you handle stress and pressure?

Answer- In stressful situations, I focus on staying calm and organized. During a project at college, we had so many tasks to do. Instead of panicking, I prioritized tasks, distributed them among my team effectively, maintained a positive attitude, and kept on encouraging them. This helped us to complete that college project well before the deadline.

Question- How do you contribute to your community or society?

Answer- I contribute to my community by actively participating in local volunteering initiatives. Whether it's organizing clean-up drives or conducting awareness campaigns, I dedicate my time to making a positive impact. Recently, I led a neighborhood initiative to plant trees, fostering environmental awareness and community involvement.

Question- Describe a challenging situation you faced and how you overcame it.

Answer- I try to manage challenging situations by understanding them first and then finding solutions by discussing the problem with friends and family. For example, During a group project, conflicting ideas among team members created a tense atmosphere. To address this, I facilitated open communication, encouraging everyone to voice concerns. We established common goals and delegated tasks according to strengths. Through collaboration and compromise, we completed the project, turning initial challenges into shared accomplishments.

Question- How do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?

Answer- In five years I see myself serving in the Indian Army as a Major and in 10 years I see myself serving in the Indian Army as a Colonel. But in these years, I want improvement not just in my ranks but in my mental and physical personality as well. Overall, I want to become a better person in these years.

Question- What are your hobbies and interests?

Answer- I like to spend my free time in a productive manner, that’s why I like to read books.  I enjoy reading, particularly exploring fiction and historical novels. Staying physically active is also my goal, so I engage in outdoor activities like football and cycling. In these activities, I not only get to keep myself physically fit but also get to interact with my friends.

Question- What is your greatest achievement so far?

Answer- My greatest achievement so far is when I won an inter-school football tournament. During that tournament, our good players were injured so we had to play with our extra players. But, Our team managed to win under my captaincy. This is my greatest achievement which I still remember and cherish.

Question- How do you stay updated on current affairs and national/international events?

Answer- I stay updated on current affairs and national/international events through reading newspapers, magazines, and news channels. I regularly read the Hindu and Indian Express, and follow credible news channels like Rajya Sabha TV. I make use of social media platforms to access diverse perspectives and engage in discussions.

Question- Discuss a moment from your life when you displayed courage and initiative.

Answer- In the same tournament in which our school won an inter-school football tournament. In that tournament, I displayed courage to lead my team despite the weak position of my team. I kept on encouraging my team throughout the match and in the end we prevailed by winning that match. During this match, no one was taking the initiative but it was I who decided to face the challenge.

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