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Top Five SSB Coaching in Dehradun - Defence Guru
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Top Five SSB Coaching in Dehradun

SSB is among the toughest selection processes in the world. The high rate of rejection and complex processes make it even tougher. One needs expert-level mentorship and standard facilities to prepare for a complex selection process like SSB. There are very few defence institutes in Dehradun that are providing such guidance for SSB preparation. That’s why we have prepared a list of the Top Five Coachings in Dehradun. We will share all the features of this coaching so that you can choose which coaching will be suitable for you.


SSB Interview is a five days selection process in which the selection board assesses Candidates based on several psychological and physical tests. This Service Selection Board includes Psychologists, GTO(Group Test Officer), and the Head of the Service Selection Board. There are four Army Selection Boards, four Air Force Selection Boards, and five Naval Selection Boards.


In the five days selection process, candidates undergo various tests such as OIR, PPDT, TAT, WAT, SRT, GTO, and Personal Interviews. On the last day of this five days process, candidates’ results are announced. SSB is considered to be one of the toughest selection processes in the world. In SSB, Selection Rate is as low as 2-3%. Sometimes, Even Whole Batchs get washed out. Even the most successful people like Amitabh Bachchan, Rahul Dravid, and even A.P.J. Abdul Kalam could not qualify for SSB.


Top Five SSB Coachings in Dehradun


The list of Top Five SSB Coachings in Dehradun has been prepared by our expert team based on parameters like recommendation rate, Infrastructure of GTO, the experience of mentors, etc.


Here is the list of the top five SSB coachings in Dehradun-


1. Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion Defence Academy is a well-known name for SSB preparation in Dehradun. They are famous for their mountain of selections in SSB. Centurion Defence Academy has been providing high-quality teaching and mentorship to its students and helped them to achieve success in Defence Exams. Centurion Defence Academy has a team of highly experienced mentors who work towards the personality enhancement of candidates for SSB.


Centurion Defence Academy provides the best SSB coaching in Dehradun under the mentorship of Chief SSB Mentor Sir Shishir Dixit who is a psychology expert also. Thousands of candidates have successfully qualified for SSB under his guidance and now are serving in the Indian Armed Forces as an officer. Centurion Defence Academy has a team of highly experienced mentors who have been ex-GTO and ex-IO in various selection boards. Candidates are mentored by Sir Shishir Dixit who is a famous psychologist and writer on defence and security affairs. He is known for his keen sight of assessing candidates. His guidance has been fruitful for thousands of candidates. SSB guidance is incomplete without physical training, that’s why Centurion Defence Academy provides physical exercise classes for improving the fitness of candidates under trained trainers.


Centurion Defence Academy has India’s biggest GTO ground which is equipped with all the obstacles and platforms required for SSB. Centurion Defence Academy has ground for physical exercises also. Candidates can play other sports as well to enhance their sports skills. Study Material related to various tests such as OIR, PPDT, TAT, WAT, SRT, group discussion, and Lecturette is provided in the Centurion Defence Academy. This study material has been prepared by highly experienced mentors of Centurion Defence Academy.


2. Baalnoi Academy

Baalnoi Academy is a famous name for SSB coaching in Dehradun. Baalnoi Academy has been providing coaching for many years and has also given many selections in SSB. The faculties of Baalnoi Academy are highly experienced and known for their teaching skills. SSB guidance of Baalnoi Academy is very effective and their mentors are retired officers of the Indian Army. Baalnoi Academy provides qualitative guidance for  SSB. Baalnoi Academy has proper infrastructure and good mentors for SSB. Candidates can join Baalnoi Academy also for their SSB preparation.


3. Doon Defence Academy

Doon Defence Academy is a premier institute for SSB preparation in Dehradun which is famously known as DDA. Doon Defence Academy has an expert team of professionals who provide the best guidance for SSB. They follow a specialized curriculum for SSB and provide the best communication and personality enhancement classes. Doon Defence Academy is equipped with sufficient GTO infrastructure for the practice of GTO tests. Doon Defence Academy provides regular motivation sessions also which has been very beneficial for candidates.


4. Ground Zero Defence Academy

Ground Zero Defence Academy is one the top coaching providing specialized guidance for SSB in Dehradun and under its mentorship many candidates have successfully qualified for SSB. Ground Zero Defence Academy has a team of retired officers of the Armed Forces who guide and mentor completely for every test in SSB. They provide physical fitness classes also which is very beneficial for candidates. Ground Zero Defence Academy believes in practical guidance and practical experience that’s why they focus not only on the academic curriculum but also on the physical and psychological curriculum.


5. Doon Defence Dreamers

Doon Defence Dreamers Coaching Institute has earned its name as one of the top SSB coachings in Dehradun through its expert-level mentorship in SSB. Doon Defence Dreamers provide the SSB guidance program under its mentors who have been part of selection boards. Doon Dreamers Coaching Institute has a dedicated infrastructure for GTO training and practice. Personal Interview which is an important part of the SSB interview selection process is especially covered by mentors of Doon Defence Dreamers. Doon Defence Dreams has a practical approach to psychology tests and conducts regular practice sessions.


This was the list of the top five SSB coaching in Dehradun. Aspirants choose the best defence coaching very carefully based on the parameters of recommendation, GTO infrastructure, and experience of mentorship. Aspirants must understand that only the guidance of coaching is not enough for SSB preparation.

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