AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory Based Question Paper

AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory Based Question Paper
25-August 2023...........

AFCAT-2 2023 was conducted on the 25th, 26th, and 27th August in 2 shifts on each day. As you must be aware the AFCAT exam is conducted in an online computer-based mode that’s why the question paper of the AFCAT exam is not available. Only memory-based questions enumerated by AFCAT-2 2023 aspirants are available. In AFCAT-2 2023 there were questions about mathematics, reasoning, general knowledge, and English. In this article, we have updated 100% accurate memory-based AFCAT-2 2023 Exam questions from all shifts. These questions were updated directly through AFCAT-2 aspirants. We have provided answers of each question asked in AFCAT-2 2023. Candidates can check these questions and answers and prepare accordingly for upcoming shifts of AFCAT exams.


                                          AFCAT (2) 2023 Dates, Shifts, and Timing



           Exam Duration

25 August

1st Shift- 7:30- 11:45

Exam Duration- 2 Hours

2nd Shift- 12:30- 4:45

26 August

1st Shift-  7:30- 11:45

Exam Duration- 2 Hours

2nd Shift- 12:30- 4:45

27 August

1st Shift-  7:30- 11:45

Exam Duration- 2 Hours

2nd Shift- 12:30- 4:45


AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory Based Question Paper

                        AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory-Based Questions (1st Shift)


Question-1.  Financial Emergency Article- Article 360


Question-2. Length Of Cricket Bat- 38 inches or 96.52 cm.


Question-3. Capital of Congo- Kinshasa


Question-4. National Emergency Article- Article 352


Question-5. Election Commission Article- Article 324


Question-6. Attorney General of India Article- Article 76


Question-7. Banaras Hindu University Establishment Year- 1916


Question-8. Which sports made a debut in the Commonwealth Games- Women's Cricket


Question-9. When did the Surat Split take place- 1907


Question-10. The Green Colour in the Olympics represents- Australia


Question- 11. Capital of Bulgaria- Sofia


Question- 12. Highest Peacetime Gallantry Award- Ashok Chakra


Question- 13. The motto of CBI- Industry, Impartiality, and Integrity


Question- 14. Operation Karuna- To assist Myanmar


Question- 15. Where is HAWS (High Altitude Warfare School) is located- Gulmarg, Kashmir


Question- 16. Fire Forget Missile- Nag


Question- 17. Synonyms of Pensive- Thoughtful


Question- 18 Weather does not change in which layer of the atmosphere- Stratosphere


Question-19. Vistara airline belongs to which country- Singapore


Question-20. At which temp water has max density- 4 degree Celsius


Question-21. Gandhi first time appeared in - in the BHU inauguration, in 1916


Question-22. The Caspian Sea is situated in - Asia



                           AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory Based Questions (2nd Shift)

Question-1. What is the capital of Belarus?- Minsk


Question-2. Who won the FIFA U20 World Cup 2023?- Uruguay


Question-3. Where did Indigo Rebellion take place in India?- Bengal


Question-4. Where was Poorna Swaraj resolution passed?- Lahore Session


Question-5. Which place in India became the country’s first ‘carbon neutral panchayat’?- Palli Village


Question-6. What was the theme for National Education Day 2023?- Changing the course and transforming education


Question-7. Who was the first viceroy of India after the revolt of 1857?- Lord Canning


Question-8. Shafali Verma is related to which sports?- Cricket


Question-9. What is the theme of earth day 2023?- “Invest in Our Planet”


Question-10. Which aircraft carrier was recently launched in India by the Indian Navy ?- Carrier INS Vikrant


Question-11. Which of the following is not a noble gas?- Nitrogen


Question-12. Where is Indian Military Academy located?- Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Question-13. What is the theme of International Literacy Day 2023?- ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies’

                              AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory Based Questions (3rd Shift)

Question-1. When and where was the concept of carbon credit introduced?- Kyoto Protocol, 1997


Question-2. Which military exercises are held between India and Japan?- Dharma The Guardin


Question-3. Who are the principal tributaries of the Godavari river?- Parvara,Penganga, and Wainganga


Question-4. Where is the National Centre for Earth Science Studies located?- Thiruvananthpuram, Kerala


Question-5. Which is the first stadium in India named after a sportswoman?- Rani Rampal Hockey Stadium


Question-6. In which state is the Yakshagana dance form native to?- Karnataka


Question-7. What is the pollution control vessel of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) named?- Samudra Class Pollution Control Vessel


Question-8. Where was the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Park launched?- Indian Institute of Science


Question-9. Which ocean is associated with the “Ring of Fire”?- Pacific Ocean


Question-10. When is National Civil Services Day observed? 21st April


Question-11. Which region is the Ramosi movement related to?-


Question-12. What is the name of the T-90 tank used by the Indian Army?- Bhisma

                                   AFCAT-2 2023 Exam Memory Based Questions (4th Shift)

Question-1. What is the capital of Turkmenistan?- Ashgabad


Question-2. How many states are covered by Schedule Six of the Indian Constitution?- Four


Question-3. In which language is Babur’s autobiography ‘Tuzuk-i-Baburi’ written?- Turkish language


Question-4. On which date is World Earth Day observed?- 22nd April


Question-5. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?- Lord Chelmsford


Question-6. What was Shivaji’s council of ministers known as?- Ashtpradhan


Question-7. What is the name of the Indian Navy’s outreach programme?- Julley Ladakh


Question-8. Who among the following wrote ‘Humayunnama’?- Gulbadanbegam


Question-9. In which year was Operation Parakram held?- 2001-02


Question-10. Who won the Women’s Indian Premier League in 2023?- Mumbai Indians


Question-11. What does the abbreviation AWACS stand for?- Airborne Warning And Control System


Question-12. Which article of the Constitution states that Hindi in Devanagari script shall be the official language of the Union?- Devanagri Script


Question-13. Where did the Indian Coast Guard conduct a 3-day regional pollution response exercise? RPREX-2023

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