How to prepare for AFSB Interview after AFCAT-1 2024

How to prepare for AFSB Interview after AFCAT-1 2024
19-February 2024...........

AFCAT or Air Force Common Admission Test was conducted on 16, 17, and 18 February 2024 by the Indian Air Force. Now, AFCAT aspirants have a bigger challenge before them is AFSB or Air Force Service Selection Board Interview. Candidates who will succeed in the AFCAT-1 exam will have to undergo a five-day interview process which is known as AFSB interview. AFSB is unlike a normal interview, a rigorous process where candidates have to go through various tests such as OIR, PPDT, Psychology Test, personal interview, and other indoor and outdoor tests also known as GTO tests. The AFSB interview is almost the same as the SSB interview with minor differences.


What is an AFSB Interview?


AFSB Interview is a day of the interview process that is conducted, to select candidates for officer cadre in the Indian Air Force. AFSB is equivalent to the SSB of the Army and NSB of the Indian Navy. In these five days of interviews, many psychological and group activities will be conducted which have been mentioned in detail below.


                                   Air Force Selection Boards

Board Name














AFSB procedure


                                 Five Days of AFSB Interview




Screening Day


OIR Test, PPDT, and Psychology Tests (TAT, WAT, SRT, and SD).


Free Day or Personal Interview


GTO (Generally Indoor Tests)


GTO (Generally Outdoor Tests)




CPSS Test- Only for flying branch candidates.


How to prepare for AFSB Interview


Work on Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for an aspirant of the AFSB Interview. Because, there will be many tests like PPDT Discussion, group discussion, Lecturette and personal interviews where you will require good communication skills. Practice speaking, confidently, and fluently. Work on your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Also, practice listening attentively and responding appropriately.


Enhance Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Officer Qualities are the base of the AFSB interview. So, it is very important to enhance leadership skills like the ability to lead a group, find solutions of problems, and perform well in tense situations. You can not learn these qualities in a day or two. So, you need to put in consistent efforts to develop these qualities. To develop these qualities, aspirants should participate in games like football, cricket, or any group activity which will enhance coordination and leadership qualities.


Practice Psychological Tests

Psychology Tests are one of the most important tests of an AFSB interview. Psychology tests assess your thinking and thought process, so it becomes important to perform well in Psychology Tests. Candidates can start by knowing the basics of TAT, WAT, SRT, and SD. AFSB interviews include psychological tests to assess your personality, intelligence, and aptitude. Practice sample tests to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions. Stay calm and answer honestly.


Stay Updated with Current Affairs

It is very important for the AFACT aspirants to keep themselves updated with whatever is going around them. This will help them in performing well in group discussions and personal interview of AFSB interview. Candidates should keep preparing for current affairs, especially topics related to defense, national security, geopolitics, and aerospace technology. Read newspapers, magazines, and online sources regularly.


Physical Fitness

Some tests in AFSB interview such as Individual obstacles require good physical fitness. In, PGT, HGT, and FGT also, you will need to carry some weight and without good physical fitness, it will be very difficult to perform well in those tests. Maintain a good level of physical fitness as it is essential for officer training in the Indian Air Force. Engage in regular exercise, cardio, strength training, and sports activities to stay fit and healthy.


Mock Interviews

Consider participating in mock interviews conducted by experienced mentors, coaching institutes, or former officers. Mock interviews help simulate the actual interview environment and provide valuable feedback for improvement. Mock Interviews will channel your thought process and give you a chance to introspect your personality which is very crucial for the AFSB Interview.


Stay Confident and Positive

Staying confident during any interview process is very important. And when it comes to the AFSB interview, your confidence matters more than anything. There will be many tests such as Lecturette and personal interviews where you will require your confidence. To develop confidence, participate in group activities and remove your stage fear by participating in events. This will not only develop your confidence but also develop your other officer-like qualities.

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