Fighter Jets in Indian Air Force

Fighter Jets in Indian Air Force
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Fighter Jets in Indian Air Force


General JJ Singh once said, We fight to win and win with a knockout because there are no runners-up in war.” This quote seriously highlights the role of the Indian Air Force in upcoming wars. India is surrounded with two arch-foe one on the western front and the other on our eastern front. Defence Experts always caution about India facing a two-front war. In case of a two-front war or single-front war, India needs superior firepower, and to fulfill this requirement super firepower, Indian Air Force has maintained a large number of powerful fighter jets.


Importance of Fighter Aircrafts


Fighter Aircrafts are necessary Arms in the inventory of any country. Good and technologically superior aircrafts can change the way of war. Names of Fighter Aircrafts and their specifications can be asked not only in defence exams but also during SSB interview. Candidates should also know their importance and use during the war.


This Article seeks to highlight Indian Fighter Jets and Their Specifications


  1. Rafale


Rafale literally means ‘burst of fire’.Rafale is the newest fighter jet in the inventory of the Indian Air Force. India had signed a deal of 36 Rafales with France. Rafale was built by French company Dassault Aviation. Rafle is a medium range multi role 4.5 general fighter aircraft. Rafales will be stationed at Ambala Air Base and Hasimara Air Base. Rafales will operated by 101 squadron (also known as Falcons) of Indian Air Force


Specifications of Rafale-






3700 km


9,979 km


2,223 km/h


  • Meteor Missile
  • Meteor Missile is beyond visual range air to air missile with a range of 200 km.
  • This missile has a kill zone of 60 km, aircrafts can not escape this kill zone.
  • Scalp Missile
  • Scalp Missile is an air to ground missile that has a range of 300 km.
  • MICA Missile System

MICA is an advanced air-to -air missile system that has a range of 90 km.



  1. Sukhoi 30 Mki


Sukhoi 30 Mki is an all-weather long-range fighter jet in the Indian Air Force. Sukhoi 30 Mki is the main fighter jet in the inventory of the Indian Air Force. Sukhoi 30 Mki was first inducted into the Indian Air Force in 2002. Sukhoi 30 Mki was designed by Russian Company Sukhoi. Sukhoi 30 Mki was manufactured by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited). Sukhoi 30 Mki is the backbone of the Indian Air Force and India is currently operating around 260 Sukhoi 30 Mki.


Specification of Sukhoi 30 Mki






4+ generation aircraft


2 mach


3000 km



  • Air to ground supersonic cruise missile
  • Range- 290 km

Astra Missile

  • Air to Air Missile
  • Range- 110 km
  • Kill Zone- 30 km

R77 Missile

  • Air to Air Missile
  • Range- 70 km



  1. Tejas


Tejas is a multirole light combat aircraft. Tejas is an indigenously built fighter jet. Tejas is a 4th generation aircraft. Tejas was offered by India for exporting to friendly countries like Malaysia and Egypt. Tejas is being considered as a potential replacement for Mig 21.






Operational Range-1850 km

Combat Range- 500 km


1.8 Mach


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited



Range- 290 km


Range- 20 km


Range- 150 km

Spice 2000 Bomb



  1. Mig 29 UPG


Mig 29 is a twin-engine fighter jet. Mig 29 was inducted into the Indian Air Force in 1980 and currently, there are 67 Mig 29 and 21 Mig 29 are on order. Mig 29 was extensively used during the Kargil War under operation ‘Safed Sagar’. Mig 29 has been extensively used by the Ukrainian Air Force against Russia. This aircraft has a range of 1430 km. Mig 29 UPG can touch a maximum speed of 2,450 km. Mig 29 carries several destructive armaments such as Astra Missile and other very powerful bombs.


  1. Mirage 2000


Mirage 2000 is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft in India. Mirage 2000 was first inducted into the Indian Air Force in 1985. Mirage 2000 was named as ‘Vajra’ in the Indian Air Force. Mirage 2000 is a multirole fighter jet and it is one of the nuclear-capable fighter jets in India. The Mirage 2000 played a very big role in the Kargil War under Operation ‘Safed Sagar’. Mirage 2000 was used in Balakot Airstrikes also.


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