How do Cadets choose regiments in OTA and IMA?

How do Cadets choose regiments in OTA and IMA?
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Every regiment/corps is unique and has its own traditions and customs. Every regiment of the Indian Army is equally good and has a rich history of battle honours. In the Indian Army Regiments are divided on ethnic lines for example- the Jat Regiment has soldiers predominantly from Jat ethnicity, and the Sikh Regiment has soldiers predominantly from Sikh ethnicity. But, this rule does not apply to Officers. Any Gentleman cadet belonging to any ethnicity can join any regiment of the Indian Army. Defence aspirants have their favorite regiment they want to join. That’s why it is very important for all the defence aspirants to know how they can join their favorite regiment/corps of the Indian Army. So, in this article, we are going to discuss how cadets choose regiments in OTA and IMA. We will also discuss what is parental claim in selecting the regiments of the Indian Army.


What is the Procedure to join the Regiments of the Indian Army?


Gentlemen cadets at OTA and IMA choose their regiment/corps a few weeks before the Passing out parade (POP). This procedure is exactly like the allocation of your choice of service in exams like NDA and CDS where your marks and vacancies decide whether you will get your choice of service or not. In the same manner, at OTA and IMA a merit list is prepared based on the various tests, participation in various events, discipline, and OLQs. Based on this merit, a group of 30 gentlemen cadets is prepared, called “Block”.


Each gentleman cadet gives 3 choices of regiment/corps before passing out the parade (POP). Normally cadets choose regiments that are highly decorated such as the Gorkha Regiment, Rajputana Rifles, Grenadiers, Sikh Regiment, etc. But, it is not an established rule. Many GCs choose other arms such as the Corps of Signals, the Corps of Army Air Defence, and the Army Intelligence Corps.


The top block consisting of 30 GCs having the highest merit normally gets the choice of their regiment/corps. However, it is not certain that every GC will get their choice of regiment because as mentioned earlier GCs get their choice of based on vacancies in the particular regiment and the merit of GC during their course. So, many candidates will end up not getting their favorite regiment also. So, if you thinking of joining your favorite regiment, make sure you get good merit at OTA or IMA.


What is the Parental Claim in Selecting a Regiment?


Gentleman Cadets can join the regiment of their father under the parental claim. There are three types of parental claims which have been explained below-

                                  Types of Parental Claims

Parental Claim (PC)- 1

Cadets whose father was in Sudedar or Above Rank or commanded a battalion.

Parental Claim (PC)- 2

Cadets whose father won the gallantry award.

Parental Claim (PC)- 3

Cadets whose father was in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent rank.


Gentleman Cadets belonging to any of the above-mentioned categories get their choice of regiment. Indian Army has this rule to maintain regimental traditions and a feeling of belongingness to a regiment.


Each regiment and corps of the Indian Army is unique in its own way. So, no regiment/corps is better than the other one. But based on their traditions and rich history, defence aspirants have their own favorite regiments. Defence Aspirants have a dream to lead their favorite regiment in the Republic Day Parade. This dream can be fulfilled by getting good merit during their training period. 

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