Army vs IAS: Which is better?

Army vs IAS: Which is better?
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According to a report by India Today, Indian Army and IAS are among the most sought-after jobs in India. One must not be surprised by this report because a job either in the Indian Army or in IAS offers a high level of social respect and a sense of satisfaction. And this is the reason why our youth leaves a very well-paying job to join these two career options. Despite being the best career options, Indian Army and IAS are poles apart. One works in the civilian domain and the other works in the military domain. One implements policies and the other protects the country. Comparing IAS and Indian Army is like comparing Apples and Oranges, both are good for us and taste sweet only. Drawing a parallel between the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Army is quite a difficult task. Still, through this article, we will compare all the aspects of IAS Officers and Officers of the Indian Army.


                                           Comparison between IAS and Indian Army



                          Indian Army


  • It is, undoubtedly, tougher to join IAS. IAS can be joined through UPSC Civil Services Exam.


  • UPSC Civil Services Exam is known for its vast syllabus and difficulty level of questions.


  • The selection ratio in the UPSC exam is around 0.2% only. The selection Ratio is so low mainly because of the large number of applicants and the vast syllabus.
  • The Indian Army can be joined through two exams in India; one is NDA and the other is CDS.


  • Though both exams are easy compared to the civil services exam.


  • But, Considering the NDA exam is conducted for candidates between the ages of 16.5 to 19.5, it will be tough for a candidate at such a small age to clear a difficult exam like NDA.


  • SSB Interview makes selection in the Indian Army even tougher.


  • Unlike UPSC Interview which evaluates candidates’ knowledge. SSB Interview evaluates practical knowledge, personality, behavior, leadership qualities, etc.

Pay and Perks

  • The basic Salary of an IAS Officer starts is 56,100/-
  • The basic Salary of an Army Officer is also 56,100/-


  • Other than basic salary, Officers of the Indian Army are entitled to get so many other allowances also such as High Altitude Allowance, Counter Insurgency Allowance, and Siachen Allowance.


  • IAS officers are gazetted officers that’s why they get the best possible facilities such as cars and fully furnished bungalows.
  • Officers in the Indian Army are also entitled to get facilities such as cars and fully furnished bungalows.


  • Bungalows provided to officers of the Indian Army are situated in Army Cantonments which are very beautiful, safe, and clean.


  • Other than cars and bungalows, Officers of the Indian Army get Free Medical treatment at Army Hospitals for themselves and their close families.


  • Officers of the Indian Army have access to Army Unit Run Canteens also. These Unit Run Canteens offer items at a very concessional rate.


  • The main function of IAS officers is to formulate, implement and review policies either for central government or state governments.
  • The main function of Officers of the Indian Army is to lead in case of external attacks and protect the country from dangers such as terrorism, insurgency, and any other situation such as natural or manmade disasters.


  • Army Officers are also responsible for formulating offensive and defensive war strategies.


  • Army Officers are posted as Army Attache in Diplomatic Missions also. As a Defence Attache, Army Officers have to develop military relations between their country and other countries.


  • IAS Officers being the top-level officers in India have extensive power.


  • They are responsible for all civil matters in their jurisdictions and to carry out them they have extensive power.
  • Officers of the Indian Army wield extensive powers both during peacetime and wartime.


  • During Wartime, Officers of the Indian Army have extensive powers. They have to ensure the security of the country by any means.


  • During peacetime also, Officers of the Indian Army are posted in some disturbed areas such as Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur. In such areas, Officers of the Indian Army are protected under a law called AFSPA. In such areas, Officers have the power to search, arrest and even to shoot a suspected person.

Work Culture

  • The work Culture of IAS is just like any other civilian job. But, the Responsibility of IAS Officers is very high.


  • Political interference in the working of IAS Officers is very high.


  • The job of IAS Officer is not suitable for someone who does not like political interference.
  • The Indian Army is known for its rich traditions. Every Officer of the Indian Army is loyal towards ‘Naam, Namak, and Nishan’ ‘नाम, नमक, निशान’.


  • Officers of the Indian Army have extreme loyalty toward their regiments. They can do anything to earn glory for their regiments.


  • Regiments of the Indian Army are divided into cultures and ethnicities. Every regiment has its own distinctive culture. For example, the Culture of the Rajputana Rifles will be different from Gorkha Rifles.


  • Political interference is negligible in the working of the Indian Army. An officer of the Indian Army can take any decision on the ground.


  • The Indian Army is not limited to security only. The Indian Army actively promotes sports also. Great Athletes like Subedar Neeraj Chopra, JCO Amit Panghal, Milkha Singh, etc.

Social Respect

  • Though IAS is a highly sought-after job in India IAS Officers do not get honour and social respect equal to Officers of the Indian Army.


  • This is mainly because of some incidents of misuse of power and corruption cases by Some IAS Officers.
  • Officers of the Indian Army get a high level of honour in India both officially and unofficially.


  • Whenever any officer of the Indian Army martyrs, he is wrapped in the tricolor and given Gun Salute. This privilege is available to Officers of the Indian Armed Forces.


  • Even among the common people, Officers of the Indian Army are respected so much not because of their rank or power, but because of the sacrifice they make.


  • When CDS Vipin Rawat was martyred in the tragic helicopter crash, the whole country was in tears and mourning for the loss of our first CDS. Such Love is rarely seen in IAS Officers.


As we have already said that it is not right to compare IAS Officers and Officers of the Indian Army as their work is different. After such a detailed comparison, we can say that the Job of IAS Officer will be better for someone who wants to work at the policy level and can handle political pressure. The job of the Indian Army is suitable for someone who loves adventure, and challenges and is ready to serve our motherland in any conditions. Though the Indian Army offers the best possible facilities for its officers, this should never be your motivation to join the Indian Army.


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