Last Minute Tips For CDS-2 2022 Exam Preparation

Last Minute Tips For CDS-2 2022 Exam Preparation
19-August 2022...........

Last Minute CDS Exam Tips

The Union Public Service Commission will conduct the CDS 2 2022 exam on September 4, 2022. By clearing the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam, potential aspirants willing to join the armed forces can join the IMA, AFA, INA, and OTA. In the days coming up to the exam, candidates should focus completely on revision and constructing exam strategies. To clear the CDS exam's sectional cut-off, which is around 20%, relatively high marks in each question paper are crucial. Candidates who will be taking the CDS 2 exam in 2022 must adhere to the last-minute tips provided below in order to obtain adequate marks.


In the final moments before the exam, applicants should concentrate on reviewing previously studied topics and devising exam-cracking strategies to have a deep insight of core concepts. Candidates should examine previous year's question papers and take practice tests to obtain a sense of the actual exam setting and customize their preparation. They ought to put more effort into reviewing and analyzing the number of questions in each paper that must be answered.


  • The CDS written exam for IMA, INA, and AFA has three sections: English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics.

  • The English and General Knowledge parts make up the entirety of the OTA entrance exam. The Mathematics exam will have 100 questions and take two hours to complete.

  • There will be 120 questions in each of the two papers—English and General Knowledge—and a two-hour time limit.

  • Candidates do not need to undertake the mathematics exam in order to apply to the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai.


Candidates must carefully follow the exam-cracking tips since those who pass the CDS exam will be admitted to the esteemed defence institutions. In order to ace the CDS 2 2022 exam, there are a few things that the candidate needs to keep in mind. Here are some useful last-minute preparation tips for the CDS 2 2022 exam.


Concentrate on revising the topics

Candidates preparing for the CDS 2 2022 exam should review the subjects they have already studied in order to fully understand them. Candidates should revise the key equations and devise strategies for quickly brushing up on mathematical ideas in order to tackle a considerable number of questions. For the General Knowledge and English papers, candidates should brush up on their vocabulary, read synonyms, antonyms, and idioms, as well as revisit previously taught material and current events.


Examine the exam questions from last year

Candidates should review previous years' CDS exam question papers to identify any areas of weakness before focusing on the material they are well-versed in. It is a good idea to prepare applicants for the CDS exam by having them tackle previous years' question papers because it will increase their accuracy and problem-solving skills. To decide how many questions to tackle, candidates should carefully analyze the exam format.


Practice regular mock exams

Taking a mock exam is the best way for a candidate to gain a thorough grasp of their progress and performance level for the exam as well as a self-evaluation. In addition to assisting students in planning and devising an effective strategy to use in the actual exam to solve problems within a given time limit, mock tests also help students grasp the exam's question format and the significance of each topic-by-topic question.


Put less attention on complex questions

Candidates should tackle the easy questions first rather than wasting too much time on the harder ones. This tactic will help them manage their time throughout the exam effectively and get rid of the negative marking. Make sure you have read the questions twice and that you don't mark the incorrect response. It is important to thoroughly read, comprehend, and listen to all instructions. 


Follow the guidelines for exam day

The instructions provided on the exam day for candidates are required to be followed. Candidates should be sure to bring everything they need to the exam location. No candidate will be permitted access into the exam venue after the entry gate has closed, thus applicants must arrive at the specified time with one of their ID cards and their admit card. Candidates must bring a black ballpoint pen to the exam center in order to record their responses on the OMR answer sheet.


Remain composed and get enough rest

On the day of the exam, candidates should get adequate sleep and refresh physically and mentally to re-energize their strength and maintain their enthusiasm and productivity. Positivity will help you gain confidence as you enter the exam center. To avoid discrepancy during the exam, follow the instructions on your admit card and get some rest.


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