BRO remains committed to women’s empowerment in its ranks

BRO remains committed to women’s empowerment in its ranks
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BRO remains committed to women’s empowerment in its ranks


There is a sense of deep respect for women in Indian society that epitomises in this verse which states, “Where a woman is respected, the place becomes God’s abode, with divine qualities, good deeds, peace and harmony. However, if this is not done, then all the actions turn out to be fruitless”.

As India celebrates 75 Years of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, it also celebrates the ongoing efforts of our Nation towards women empowerment. Women today have started assuming their rightful, equal place as the frontrunners in nation building and representatives of our strong national character.

Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has also over the years inducted a large number of women into its workforce, right from officers to the level of commercial pilot license holders. By empowering them with the tools of authority, responsibility and respect BRO firmly believes that women will always be active participants in the endeavour of nation building. In an affirmation of this belief, the organisation continues to assign higher leadership roles to women. In this regard, a GREF officer EE (Civ) Ms Vaishali S Hiwase took over the reins of 83 Road Construction Company on April 28, 2021, employed on an important Indo-China road connecting Munisairi-Bughdiar-Milam, in an area full of adversity and challenges. The lady officer has taken control and is leading the charge with meticulous execution of her tasks.




The BRO created history again on 30 Aug 2021 when Major Aaina of Project Shivalik took charged as Officer Commanding, 75 RCC at Pipalkoti in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. She is the first Indian Army Engineer Officer to command a road construction company. Not only this, all three platoon commanders under her, Captain Anjana, AEE (Civ) Ms Bhawana Joshi and AEE (Civ) Ms Vishnumaya K are lady officers and they have together created a first ever women RCC. The Border Roads plans to make four such all women-led RCCs, two each in North Eastern and Western Sectors.

Over the last six decades, in a graduated and steady manner the BRO has increased the number of women employed in various roles and duties of road construction. A consolidated effort is being made to empower them by giving them authority and responsibilities to undertake work independently. These women have become symbols of Nari Shakti in their respective areas.

The multi-faceted approach of BRO, towards the women empowerment includes variety in employment roles, avenues for higher education, access to proper healthcare, opportunities for adventure, sports and encouragement to develop holistically, as they play the lead roles in all walks of life.

Women empowerment, in the truest sense, has also been achieved by incorporating an attitudinal change. This is achieved by giving them confidence and treating them with proper respect, dignity, fairness and equality. Apart from the professional domain women are also being educated, as part of the welfare initiatives, in managing their own finances and documentation.

In a deliberate campaign, BRO projects have undertaken dedicated education programmes for women empowerment in rural areas. Focusing on equal opportunities for the girl child is another important aspect for the BRO. Education programmes for children, especially girls, have been organised by our officers, even during the COVID pandemic.

In today’s world, education, communication skills, disposable income and access to internet are some of the important mediums of empowerment. Alive to this, the BRO provides for equitable growth opportunity to its serving women officers who are an integral force in road construction. As times change and aspirations increase, BRO remains committed to its core belief of women empowerment.

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