Defence Exam Resheduling Analysis Due to COVID19 Outbreak

Defence Exam Resheduling Analysis Due to COVID19 Outbreak
07-April 2020...........

Let defence exam steam to rewild the whole preparation first then play it.


Key Features:

  • - Scheduled exam dates will be upheld only when the Covid-19 outbreak finds relaxation from the Government authorities.
  • - More of an action time to fill all the loopholes and easily fix impossible things in a better way.
  • - The rescheduling of exams will be tentatively held from end of May month only.


The devastating Corona effect has an alarming rate of damages in the world. An unwelcome intruder in the world has extended its wings nearly everywhere. When the coronavirus pandemic is giving India the full play, the required measures are adapted by everyone to keep the virus at bay. For defence aspirants national lockdown emerged as a halt in their scheduled entrance exams and SSB Interview’s. All the defence exams in the state have been postponed with immediate effect because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Corona effect in various exams could be regarded more of an action time to fill all the loopholes and easily fix impossible things. At the moment, it is of course impossible to give any estimate of the size of the impact with any degree of certainty. Defence exams remotely during the coronavirus outbreak are a flawed idea. Cancelling exams altogether is the fairest option altogether opted by Indian Army, Air Force and Navy.


This article could guide- What you can do after all exams are postponed?


  1. NDA & NA Exam (1) - 2020 Exam-

UPSC on 29th March has postponed the NDA & NA Exam (I) – 2020 exam date, the official notification on UPSC states:

“NDA & NA Exam (1) - 2020 Exam, scheduled to be held on 19.04.2020, stands deferred till further notice”.

  • FAQ of candidates preparing for NDA -

What will be the next date of NDA exam?

  • As mentioned in the official notification NDA exam date stands deferred till further official notice i.e. subject to Corona object get’s over. To reschedule the NDA exam, UPSC requires minimum of 1 or 1 and 1/2 month time, as NDA is a national level exam where lakhs of aspirants apply each year and rescheduling takes a proper time management scheme.
  • The NDA – 2 which is scheduled to be held on September month will be shifted forward in November month. The delay in NDA-1 exam will effect the NDA-2 exam dates as the whole process requires sufficient amount of time to smoothly process the entire procedure of examination.   
  • The selected students who are called to join training batch for July month, also expected to be rescheduled after one month time gap particularly. The formalities of SSB’s batch where the declaration of merits and medical process is not complete. The training batch of July month will be postponed tentatively for one month i.e. in August month. 


  1. B.Sc Nursing Course 2020 Exam-

Indian Army has postponed the B.Sc Nursing Course 2020 exam date, the official notification on Indian Army states:

“The fxamination for B.Sc Nursing Course 2020 has been postponed. For any queries, Email To PLAN.PLAN15@NIC.IN Or Call On 011-23092294".


The exam scheduled in April month is expected to be rescheduled after two months. The chances of MNS exam cancellation is not possible in any way, the online examination will be rescheduled on the next tentative date.

  1. Indian Army/Air Force/Navy SSB Interview

Indian Army has postponed all SSB Batches commencing from 20th March onwards for SSB Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. The official notification states:

“Indian Army has postponed all Services Selection Board (SSB) Batches commencing from 20th March onwards till further orders in view of COVID-19 outbreak”


Indian Air Force has postponed SSB Interview planned from March 23 at Air Force Selection Boards till further orders for AFSB Dehradun, Varanasi, Mysore, Gandhinagar. The official notification states:

“Due to COVID-19, all Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews for selecting officers planned from March 23 onwards at Air Force Selection Boards have been cancelled till further orders”.


Indian navy has sent an email alert to all the defence aspirants waiting for their SSB interview dates, as per the official email, all the SSB interview are suspended till further notice due to Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

Once the relaxation from Covid-19 outbreak is imposed in India all the scheduled SSB’s will be lined up within one month time gap for all the candidates who are coming from different states to report at one place.

  1. Indian Air Force Airmen (Group X & Y) 2020 Exam-

Indian Air Force has postponed the Airmen (Group X & Y) 2020 exam date. STAR (01/2020) exam scheduled from 19-23 Mar 2020 will be held in next one month, tentatively.



In the light of the current information, we estimate that the scheduled exam dates will be upheld only when the Covid-19 outbreak finds relaxation from the Government authorities. Having devoted a staggering amount for preparation, to lose out on the satisfaction of completing them properly would be beyond demoralizing.

Despite being irrational and insensitive to imply that how to face Covid-19 pressure, would anyway be a reflection of how we would ordinarily perform. Hence to maximize the result rate this time could be the best one. Do not break the flow of your studies and practice in this time, go more and more nearer to your doubts and draw the best solutions for your doubts. Utilize the online classes and online test series in a meantime to see where you exactly stand today if the exam has not been postponed.


An online guidance surpassing all communication barriers in both Hindi and English language in the form of Defence Guru Online Test Series is now available. It is specialized and uniquely designed by experts and R&D team of defence guru, make it a unique, reliable and superior. What we learn with practice we never forget and to foster that spark within you practice extensive collection of mock tests and gear up your preparation with Defence Guru Online Test Series.


We are expecting that with this article all your doubts have met clarity as well as made you more vigilant, cautious and attentive to prepare well for the rescheduled exams. Regarding your desired courses if you have any query/doubt/FAQ’s or questions related to exam pattern, exam syllabus, paper format, books to refer, official notification news are not clear, how to apply, where to apply, when to start preparation and many more questions will be shortly answered back to you personally or in an article form by the trusted defence team of Centurion Defence Academy.


Feel free to show your interest with us as we are here to nurture your dream, it is our duty that your minor or major questions should never come up as a set-back reason in your dreams.


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