Raksha Mantri approves Delegation of Financial powers to Armed Forces for Revenue Procurement

Raksha Mantri  approves Delegation of Financial powers to Armed Forces for Revenue Procurement
08-September 2021...........

Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh approves Delegation of Financial powers to Armed Forces for Revenue Procurement

Terms it as Government’s another big step in defence reforms to strengthen security infrastructure

Key Highlights of DFPDS 2021:

  • Financial powers devolved to field formations; focus on operational preparedness; promote ease of doing business & jointness among Services
  • Two times general enhancement for Competent Financial Authorities; Up to 5-10 times at field formations in certain Schedules
  • 10% increase in Delegated Financial Powers of Vice Chiefs of Services
  • Up to three times increase in Schedules related to Indigenisation/R&D to achieve ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’
  • Enabling provision of Emergency Financial Powers to Field formations below Command level for Defence Services incorporated in Emergency Powers Schedule for ops immediate military necessities

Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh released in New Delhi on September 07, 2021 order on Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence Services (DFPDS) 2021, providing enhanced delegation of Revenue Procurement powers to the Armed Forces. The DFPDS 2021 aims to empower field formations; focus on operational preparedness; promote ease of doing business and enhance jointness among the Services.

The enhanced delegation of Financial Powers to functionaries in Service Headquarters and lower formations would result in quicker decision making at all levels leading to better planning and operational preparedness of the Services in a quicker time frame and optimum utilisation of resources.

The primary focus of the enhanced delegation of financial powers is to empower Field Commanders and below to procure equipment/war-like stores in a speedy manner for urgent operational necessities and meeting essential sustenance requirements. Last such enhancement at all levels for the Defence Services was done in 2016.

Speaking on the occasion, the Raksha Mantri described DFPDS 2021 as another big step in the series of defence reforms being undertaken by the Government to strengthen the security infrastructure of the country. He stressed on the need to revise the policies to cater to the needs of the Armed Forces, exuding confidence DFPDS 2021 will not only overcome procedural delays, but also bring about greater decentralisation and operational efficiency.


The Raksha Mantri reiterated the Government’s resolve to make the security system of the country strong and ‘Aatmanirbhar’ in every way. Calling for optimum use of resources, he exhorted all the stakeholders to cooperate in realising the vision of the Government.


In his introductory remarks, Financial Advisor (Defence Services) Shri Sanjiv Mittal expressed confidence that DFPDS 2021 will provide enhanced impetus towards ease of doing business right up to the grassroots level and facilitate greater decentralisation through enhanced devolution of delegated financial powers. He said it will accord greater efficiency in attaining operational preparedness of the Defence Services. He added that DFPDS 2021 was a result of wide-ranging deliberations by the Services under the aegis of Department of Military Affairs and Department of Defence.


The DFPDS 2021 consists of guidelines related to the following Schedules of Financial Powers:

  • Army Schedules of Powers-2021 (ASP-2021)
  • Navy Schedules of Powers-2021 (NSP-2021)
  • Air Force Schedules of Powers-2021 (AFSP- 2021)
  • IDS Schedules of Powers-2021 (ISP-2021)

A general enhancement of up to two times has been approved for the Competent Financial Authorities (CFAs). In certain Schedules, this enhancement at field formations is in the range of up to 5-10 times on account of operational requirements. Delegated Financial Powers of Vice Chiefs of the Services have been increased by 10 per cent, subject to an overall ceiling of Rs 500 crore. Financial Powers of Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman Chiefs Of Staff Committee (CISC) as CFA has been enhanced substantially and aligned with that of the Vice Chiefs of the Services.

New CFAs have been added viz. Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Master General Sustenance, ADG (Procurement)/DG Air Operations/DG Naval Operations etc. in Service Headquarters and in the field formations on account of reorganisation/restructuring/functional requirements.

An enabling provision of Emergency Financial Powers to the Field formations below Command level for the Defence Services has now been incorporated in the Emergency Powers Schedule which till present was available to Vice Chiefs and C-in-Cs/equivalent.

New Schedules for Field Commanders Special Financial Powers to meet Strategic/Operational requirements, in line with the existing Army Schedule on 'Army Commanders Special Financial Powers' have been introduced for Navy and Air Force.

Substantial enhancement has been approved in the Schedules related to Indigenisation/Research & Development up to three times of the existing powers, in line with ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ envisioned by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

A new schedule on hiring of aircraft and associated equipment has been introduced for Indian Air Force which includes hiring of Air to Air re-fuellers. For Indian Navy, powers for replenishment of Disaster Management Bricks have been delegated to Command Level for immediate response to Natural Disasters/HADR Operations.

Clarifications or interpretation of provisions will be addressed by an Empowered Committee headed by AS&FA, Ministry of Defence with representatives of Department of Defence (DoD)/Department of Military Affairs (DMA).

A system of oversight, disclosure and internal audit mechanism will be put in place by the administrative wing of DoD/DMA in consultation with MoD (Finance). Substantial delegation has also been approved for non procurement powers.

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh, Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar and other senior civil & military officials of Ministry of Defence were present on the occasion.

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