Weekly Current Affairs Questions and Answers MCQ - 13 June to 19 June 2022

Weekly Current Affairs Questions and Answers MCQ - 13 June to 19 June 2022
21-June 2022



This article has revision questionnaire on current affairs for you to practice for your exams. Current affairs play an important role in the student life. It will help the students at the crucial time when they want to study for the examinations. Current means recent, day to day life and affairs mean events and issues, etc. Therefore current affairs relate to the day to day incidents and events around us. The growing importance of Current Affairs poses the question on the utility of exerting energy on updating oneself with news. The significance of current affairs is undoubtedly different for different people who fall in different age brackets, pursue different objectives and have different interests. However, it can be stated that all social beings are bound to be affected by Current Affairs in more ways than one.

Now many competitive exams contain questions related to the latest current affairs updates. Apart from the academic knowledge students should know the importance and must be aware of daily current affairs. There are many difficult examinations like NDA, CDS, MNS and various others, in which the students must clear a section based on current affairs which took place in the world. After clearing the exam, even in the interview also they give a situation based ongoing latest current affairs and take your views based on it.

Therefore, reading current affairs and making it a daily habit will be much more useful for all the competitive exams. Make use of practicing quiz on current affairs which like the one published below.


1. Which state government has launched „The Farmer Registration & Unified Beneficiary Information System‟ or FRUITS software for Aadhar-based, single-window registration for the farmer schemes?

(a) Karnataka (b) Gujarat

(c) Odisha (d) Kerala

Ans - (a) Karnataka

2. Indian government has finalized deals with South Africa and Namibia to introduce cheetahs into the

wild at Kuno Palpur National Park by the end of 2022. Kuno Palpur National Park is located in which state?

(a) Gujarat (b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Madhya Pradesh

Ans - (d) Madhya Pradesh

3. The twelfth WTO Ministerial Conference took place on 12-15 June 2022 at Geneva, Switzerland.

The Conference has been co-hosted by which country?

(a) Kazakhstan (b) Uzbekistan

(c) Tajikistan (d) Kyrgyzstan

Ans - (a) Kazakhstan

4. Rabab Fatima has been appointed as the Under Secretary General or Assistant Secretary General

of the United Nations. She is the Permanent Representative of which country to the United Nations?

(a) Uzbekistan (b) Saudi Arabia

(c) Bangladesh (d) Lebanon

Ans - (c) Bangladesh

5. Who among the following has recently been awarded honorary Doctorate by Maharashtra‟s

HSNC University?

(a) Shiv Nadar (b) Gautam Adani

(c) Mukesh Ambani (d) Ratan Tata

Ans - (d) Ratan Tata

6. India is set to simultaneously launch the first Human Space Mission “Gaganyaan” as well as the

first manned Human Ocean Mission in


(a) 2023 (b) 2024

(c) 2025 (d) 2026

Ans - (a) 2023

7. Who has won the Azerbaijan Formula One Grand Prix 2022?

(a) Sebastian Vettel

(b) Max Verstappen

(c) Charles Leclerc

(d) Lewis Hamilton

Ans -(b) Max Verstappen

8. Manpreet Kaur broke National record in Inter- State Athletics Meet, Chennai. She is related to

which sports?

(a) Pole vault (b) Javelin Throw

(c) Fencing (d) Shot Put

Ans - (d) Shot Put

9. Name the Indian weightlifter who has won gold medal in 55-kilogram event at IWF Youth World

Championships in Leon, Mexico.

(a) Akanksha Vyavahare

(b) Saanapathi Gurunaidu

(c) Soumya Sunil Dalvi

(d) Vijay Prajapati

Ans - (b) Saanapathi Gurunaidu

10. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) is celebrating Elimination of

Child Labour Week from 12-20 June 2022. Where is the headquarters of NCPCR?

(a) New Delhi (b) Mumbai

(c) Hyderabad (d) Bengaluru

Ans - (a) New Delhi

11.An Abnormal Titanosaurid Dinosaur Egg has been discovered in which Indian state?

a) Jharkhand b) Gujarat

c) Madhya Pradesh d) Telangana

Ans – c) Madhya Pradesh

12. Which Indian city is sinking at an average rate of 2mm every year?

(a) Kochi (b) Mumbai

(c) Panaji (d) Chennai

Ans – (b) Mumbai

13. What is India's current rank in ICC Men's ODI Team Rankings 2022?

(a) 3rd (b) 4th

(c) 5th (d) 6th

Ans – (b) 4th

14.What is the upper age limit of Agniveer recruitment?

(a) 25 (b) 26

(c) 22 (d) 21

Ans – (d) 21

15. When is World Blood Donor Day observed?

(a) June 11th (b) June 12th

(c) June 13th (d) June 14th

Ans – (d) June 14th

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