MNS officers at the forefront in battle against second COVID-19

MNS officers at the forefront in battle against second COVID-19
12-May 2021...........

MNS officers : at the forefront in battle against second COVID-19 wave

On this noble occasion of International Nurses Day.. Let us acknowledge the efforts of Military Nursing Officers in India , who are always ready to serve with Smile !

Nursing Officers of Military Nursing Service (MNS) are among the health care professionals who are at the forefront in the nation’s ongoing fight against the second COVID-19 wave. The officers are deployed at various Armed Forces hospitals to provide medical care to the COVID-19 patients. Two hundred and ninety-four MNS Officers are being mobilised for the newly-raised COVID-19 hospitals by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) at Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Varanasi and Patna.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nursing officers of MNS have been serving the nation with loyalty and courage.

  • They played a vital role in various repatriation missions as part of Operation Namaste and Operation Samudra Setu.
  • The MNS Officers have been integral part of the country’s war efforts, humanitarian assistance, rescue operations, ambulance trains, hospital ships and submarines.
  • They are serving in advanced echelons such as Leh, Rajouri, Doda, Kargil and many other far-flung areas for the care for the troops in India.
  • They are also deployed with UN Peace Keeping Force to countries namely Congo, Sudan, Lebanon, Friendly Foreign mission to Tajikistan etc.
  • Comprehensive care to the combat troops in troubled areas of Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern States add up to the preparedness and endurance of the Officers.
  • The MNS Officers serve the Indian troops from the highest battle field to the vast dessert lands of India.


The Nursing Officers of MNS are extending their services to the people in need by upholding the theme of International Nurses Day 2021, i.e.‘Nurses A Voice to Lead, A Vision for Future Healthcare’. International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th May every year. Heart felt wishes to all the Nurses out there and big shout out for the relentless and selfless service being offered!



Gurkirat Kaur
Personality Development Coach, Defence Career Mentor,
Center Head-Centurion Defence Academy

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