Active and Passive Voice Exercises with Answers

Active and Passive Voice Exercises with Answers
16-January 2020...........

Exercises make your ready for competition. The level of exercise depends on the existing skills of a candidate. Taking a concept from the initial stage gives a strong base for grasping the concept and it makes one ready with the topic for a long time. Passive voice is a topic which requires proper understanding of the syntax because students hardly notice them in their practical life. Although it is suggested to link the conceptual topics in practical life so that one gets the idea of its usage and it makes one more enticed and enthusiastic to more about the topic. Here I have given the topics from initial stage so that you can co-relate the topic with the exposure of the exercise.


Active and Passive Voice Exercises

Present Indefinite Tense

  1. He teaches English.
  2. Ashish completes his assignments on time.
  3. Aditya provides useful information in class.
  4. My father encourages me for social work.
  5. Ankur manages his responsibilities very well.
  6. Sonam invites her all friends in her birthday party every year.
  7. Kiran takes things positively and she learns from failures too.
  8. Mohan compiles the study material well and provides useful tips too.
  9. Defence Guru portal keeps students updated for the latest notifications.
  10. Yojana keeps silence when she attends class.
  11. They plan the matches mostly on Sunday.
  12. Vijay takes care of her mother very well as she needs attention for her care.
  13. We serve our nation truthfully and sincerely.
  14. They wind up their office very late and sometimes they open it early morning too.
  15. I invite my all friends to join the party and enjoy themselves at the fullest.
  16. My sister keeps her belongings at the specified place and doesn’t take much time to recall their positions in her mind.
  17. Suresh solves 200 questions everyday in mathematics and tries to enhance his analytical skills.
  18. Many students appear in the exam but a few qualify.
  19. Those who take care of themselves, they find favorable opportunities other ways too.
  20. God helps them who help themselves.


  1. English is taught by him.
  2. His assignments are completed on time by Ashish.
  3. Useful information is provided in class by Aditya.
  4. I am encouraged for social work by my father.
  5. His responsibilities are managed very well by Ankur.
  6. Her all friends are invited in her birthday party every year by Sonam.
  7. Things are taken positively by Kiran and she learns from failures too.
  8. The study material is complied well by Mohan and useful tips are provided too.
  9. Students are kept updated for the latest notifications by Defence Guru portal.
  10. Silence is kept by Yojana when class is attended.
  11. The matches are planned mostly on Sunday.
  12. Care of her mother is taken very well by Vijay as attention is needed for her care by her.
  13. Our nation is served truthfully and sincerely by us.
  14. Their office is wound up very late and sometimes it is opened early morning too by them.
  15. All friends are invited to join the party by me and they enjoy themselves at the fullest.
  16. Her belongings are kept at the specified place by my sister and much time is not taken to recall their positions in her mind by her.
  17. 200 questions are solved everyday in mathematics by Suresh and his analytical skills are tried to be enhanced.
  18. The exam is appeared by many students but it is qualified by a few.
  19. No passive voice
  20. They are helped by God those who help themselves.


Negative Sentences

  1. Reema doesn’t follow all the instructions given to her.
  2. They don’t resolve the issues on time and keep delaying in the same.
  3. We don’t delay any project in fact it gets delayed itself.
  4. Krishna doesn’t create any nuisance in fact he tries to co-ordinate with everyone.
  5. Sameeksha doesn’t repair the broken pots in fact she assists others through her insights.
  6. Keshav doesn’t forget his basic responsibilities in fact he gives more attention to the given details.
  7. Mahima doesn’t give her much attention to her weak areas and she keeps taking new assignments.
  8. Kavita doesn’t read the whole article and starts sharing her observation about it.
  9. I don’t pressurize my colleagues to complete the work in fact they do it themselves.
  10. We don’t call anyone unnecessarily.
  11. Himanshi doesn’t disturb anyone.
  12. My mother doesn’t remind me my routine tasks as she expects me to remember myself.
  13. Shishir sir doesn’t make students mug any concept of psychology in fact he asks them to imbibe it in their practical life.
  14. Manoj doesn’t repeat the delivered material as it takes a long time to complete it.
  15. Meena doesn’t retaliate anyone in fact she takes decision with patience.
  16. You don’t recall the important messages given to you.
  17. We don’t make anyone baffled with due pressure of work.
  18. Seema doesn’t utilize the given resources in a good manner.
  19. Karishma gives her best efforts to cover the syllabus.
  20. We don’t discourage any cadet due to his weak areas in fact we advise to work actively to bring readiness in him.


  1. All the instructions given to Reema are not followed by her.
  2. The issues are not resolved on time by them and they keep delaying in the same.
  3. No project is delayed by us in fact it gets delayed itself.
  4. No nuisance is created by Krishna in fact he tries to co-ordinate with everyone.
  5. The broken pots are not repaired by Sameeksha in fact others are assisted though her insights by her.
  6. His basic responsibilities are not forgotten by Keshav in fact more attention is given to the given details by him.
  7. Much attention is not given to her weak areas by Mahima and she keeps taking new assignments.
  8. The whole article is not read by Kavita and starts sharing her observation about it.
  9. My colleagues are not pressurized to complete the work by me in fact they do it themselves.
  10. None is called unnecessarily by us.
  11. None is disturbed by Himanshi.
  12. My routine tasks are not reminded by my mother as I am expected to remember myself by her.
  13. No student is made to mug any concept of psychology by Shishir Sir in fact they are asked to imbibe it in their practical life by him.
  14. The delivered material is not repeated by Manoj as a long time is taken to complete it.
  15. None is retaliated by Meena in fact decision is taken with patience by her.
  16. The important messages given to you are not recalled by you.
  17. None is made baffled with due pressure of work by us.
  18. The given resources are not utilized in a good manner by Seema.
  19. Her best efforts are given to cover the syllabus by Karishma.
  20. No cadet is discouraged due to his weak areas by us in fact he is advised to work actively to bring readiness in him.


Interrogative Sentences

  1. Why don’t you convey the message on time?
  2. How do you perform these activities?
  3. Where do you keep the important files?
  4. Does he dishevel his notes due to anger?
  5. Do you baffle them generally?
  6. Which book do you follow while preparing for exams?
  7. Does he not make audacious attempts to get ready for challenging assignment?
  8. Does he convey intrepid speeches while addressing the audience?
  9. Whom do you consider the right person for this work?
  10. How do you convince your brother to concentrate at his career’s progression?
  11. When do you complete the pending assignments?
  12. Why do you vacillate while giving conclusion on the prevailing problems?
  13. Do you abide by the instructions laid by the institution?
  14. How many students qualify the exam in a year?
  15. Whose guidelines do they follow in competing with the scenario?
  16. How do you simulate the different examples to make a consolidated opinion?
  17. How many hours do you spend in reading newspaper?
  18. How much time do you spend every day in your routine work?
  19. Does Avnish make the schedule for these classes?
  20. Where do they provide their services for web development?


  1. Why is the message not conveyed on time by you?
  2. How are these activities performed by you?
  3. Where are the important files kept by you?
  4. Are his notes disheveled due to anger by him?
  5. Are they generally baffled by them?
  6. Which book is followed by you while preparing for exams?
  7. Are audacious attempts not made by him to get ready for challenging assignments?
  8. Are intrepid speeches conveyed while addressing the audience by him?
  9. Who is considered the right person for this work by you?
  10. How is your brother convinced to concentrate at his career’s progression by you?
  11. When are the pending assignments completed by you?
  12. Why is vacillation made while giving conclusion on the prevailing problems by you?
  13. Are the instructions abided by laid by the institution by you?
  14. By how many students is the exam qualified in a year by you?
  15. Whose guidelines are followed in competing with the scenario by them?
  16. How are different examples simulated to make a consolidated opinion by you?
  17. How many hours are spent in reading newspaper by you?
  18. How much time is spent every day in your routine work by you?
  19. Is the schedule for these classes made by Avnish?
  20. Where are their services for web development provided by them?


  1. Let me do this work.                                           
  2. Let us take tea now.
  3. Let us not harm anyone.
  4. Obey your elders.
  5. Kindly give me the complete syllabus.
  6. Do it at once.
  7. Please shut the door.
  8. I saw him go.
  9. They heard her sing a song.
  10. She does not let me stay in her home.
  11. What are you listening to?
  12. Were they searching for their lost pen?
  13. Don’t insult the poor and the needy people.
  14. All his friends will laugh at his silly mistakes.
  15. The government can’t issue this orders.
  16. I have never heard of such an accident.
  17. What are you learning these days?
  18. Where are you providing your services now?
  19. Are you developing a new software?
  20. Why were you not replying to my message?
  21. He will have attended all the classes.
  22. Will he have provided all the papers?
  23. Is she solving the exercise?
  24. Why has he not answered this easy question?
  25. Have they completed their course?
  26. Who had committed this mistake?
  27. Do you learn new chapter every day?
  28. Does she not follow your instructions?
  29. Why do you not complete your work on time?
  30. Am I disturbing you?
  31. Is Aditya covering the topics in detail?
  32. Will you do this work in Insperia?
  33. How many students will attend the new year function in Insperia?
  34. How much money will you spend in this business?
  35. Will you attend the class today?
  36. When will they complete their assignments?
  37. He bought new scissors.
  38. They have brought news for you.
  39. The minister has issued orders for his transfer.
  40. I received summons yesterday.
  41. She was to attend this call.
  42. Did he have to provide you this service?
  43. Who had to do it?
  44. She should purchase it.


  1. Let us watch this movie.
  2. Let him attend this class.                   
  3. He has repaired his quarters
  4. Which book do you like most?
  5. Who did this work?
  6. What is Aditya Sir teaching today?
  7. Which student took your sheet?
  8. What caused this loss?
  9. Has Aditya Sir taught you English?
  10. They say so.
  11. Nobody can mend this wall.
  12. Nobody saw him going out.
  13. We worship God.
  14. The university will declare the result soon.
  15. The Police arrested the thief.
  16. Somebody told us to wait outside.
  17. Some people have seen the ghosts.
  18. One should do one’s duty.
  19. Somebody has stolen my books.
  20. They hope that he will pass.
  21. People believe that he will return soon.
  22. He expects that he will pass.
  23. Nobody knows how rich he is.
  24. We decided that we would leave early.
  25. Twenty members comprise the committee.
  26. She did not lend me money.
  27. I shall show him the library.
  28. I have offered him a job.
  29. They made him captain.
  30. They will ask me a question.
  31. I don’t expect it from you.
  32. The sound of the blast alarmed the villagers.
  33. His failure in life disappointed his wife.
  34. His behavior shocked me.
  35. His actions pleased his father.
  36. Your explanation will not satisfy me.
  37. Aditya has to do this work.
  38. Do we have to solve this sheet today itself?
  39. This movie does not interest her.
  40. They keep the details on the computer.
  41. His insolence has annoyed his teacher.
  42. The servant annoyed the master.
  43. Does he have to solve all the questions?
  44. We shall have to show it.
  45. Can we do it now?
  46. They must focus on this work.

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