Actvities to give you the practical exposure for being an officer

Actvities to give you the practical exposure for being an officer
19-July 2018...........


Actvities to give you the practical exposure for being an officer in Armed Forces


  1. Chinese whispering for Listening Skills (Group Activity)
  2. One to One Listening Skills (Pair Activity)
  3. Mellow Drama (Group Activity)
  4. Role plays (Individual and Group Activity)
  5. Imaginative activities(Individual Activity)
  6. Ball Passing with Questions (Group Activity)
  7. Extempore
  8. Negotiation Skills (Pair and Group Activity)
  9. Planning (Group Activity)
  10. Interview-Interviewee Activity (Pair Activity)
  11. Leading out a crowd (Individual Activity)
  12. Group Discussion and Debate (Group Activity)
  13. Product Selling Skills (Individual and Group Activity)
  14. Impression Management Activity (Individual and Group Activity)
  15. JAM activity (Individual Activity)



Topics for group discussion, debate and extempore


  • What will you prefer town’s life or city’s life?
  • Should elections be conducted in schools and colleges or not?
  • Should we move towards fashion more and more or we should set our heart only to study to be successful in this challenging and competitive era?
  • Which is India’s pressing problem?

a). Population      b). Corruption      c). Pollution                   d). Illiteracy


  • Which defense service do you like most Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and why?
  • Where are better opportunities for youngsters in Private or Government Sector?
  • Which marriage system is better Arranged marriage or Love marriage?
  • Which education system is better to develop productivity in studies Co-educational system or Non Co-educational system?
  • Speak on success at least for four minutes.
  • Speak on Information Technology.
  • Speak on Dowry System.
  • Should the evils of dowry system be eradicated?
  • Railways on electric track.
  • The condition of battle lines.
  • Should beaurocrats or politicians be hanged for heinous crimes or let go free?
  • Indian economy
  • Motivate students towards scope of Electronics & communication.
  • Talk about the environment of your class room or any place where you are sitting,
  • The scope of professional and vocational courses.
  • Leadership qualities(describe something about yourself)
  • Are the advertisements on television alluring the youngsters?
  • Who is better to make true friendship boy or girl?
  • Who can be a good manager a male candidate or female?
  • Speak about your ideal person of your life.
  • Your most memorable day of your life.
  • What would you prefer to do Smart work or Hard work? Give an example of that.
  • If one year of your life is left to live, what would you like to do?
  • Which family system would you prefer Nuclear or Joint?






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