Idioms and Phrases Examples

Idioms and Phrases Examples
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Dear Students, It is really very interesting to learn Idioms and phrases with the help of examples. It helps us recalling those idioms as somewhere in our memory they have been visualized with those examples. It has been a common problem among students to retain the learnt Idioms and phrases. It fades away as the time passes. As per my experience of training, I have found that if these idioms and phrases are learnt with examples, they are in our mind forever. Visuals give us better retain ability than mugged up material. Here in this article I have provided you several examples on a single Idiom so that you may find variety in making sentences. You should also come up with such ideas and shouldn’t hesitate at all in making sentence. Join me on telegram to get more updates and share your messages with me. You may search it by “English By Aditya Dubey- Defence Guru.” 


  • Those who are honest, sincere and truthful for their given assignment are ready for ACID Test any time.
  • With hard work and strategic approach we are getting ready for the ACID Test.
  • These days I am preparing for Air Force, now written exam and phase-2 will have the ACID test that will decide my career progression.
  • There are multiple ACID Tests in our life one after the other. One has to be ready with smile for them.
  • The ACID Test of aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was done in 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.
  • Valor of Indian soldiers cut the ground from under enemies’ feet and they remained shocked for the whole life.
  • None can cut the ground from under feet of determined people for their career.
  • Azerbaijan’s drone system cut the ground from under Armenian’s Air Defence System.
  • Qualifying NDA exam, I shall cut the ground under my opponent’s feet.
  • One should keep moving ahead towards the destination rather than chasing one’s tail as it wastes time and results least productivity.
  • Without making proper strategy of learning, we shall just chase our tale and end up with no results.
  • Seeing the caliber of Indian soldiers, enemies get alert for effectiveness. It cut the ground under their feet.
  • Without realization of OLQ’s, preparation of NDA is just chasing one’s tail.
  • Proxy war against India from Pakistan seems that Pakistanis are chasing their tail.
  • We should set our routine and should follow it. Going on wild goose chase will waste our precious time.
  • One should have an aim to achieve all the time as we keep chasing our tail aimlessly.
  • Applying the whole bag of tricks gives us self-satisfaction in the achievement of destined goals.
  • We shall leave no stone unturned in the preparation of exam, we shall apply whole bag of tricks to achieve final recommendation.
  • To qualify competitive exams, students are required to apply their whole bag of tricks.
  • It was very difficult for Tom to catch Jerry even after apply his whole bag of tricks.
  • A teacher actually applies the whole of bag of tricks to belabor the topics.
  • Efforts made with whole bag of tricks are never preposterous.
  • China is applying his whole bag of tricks to expand as per its expansion policy in South China Sea.
  •  Government is applying its whole bag of tricks to stop the protest of farmers against farm bills.
  • All the countries are applying their whole bag of tricks to get the vaccine of COVID-19. 
  • Result oriented guys undoubtedly deliver the goods on time.
  • I have firm faith in the quality service of Zomato as they deliver the goods without any delay.
  • I shall deliver the goods for sure as I am working hard for my goal.
  • When the time of exploration is over, one should apply the whole bag of tricks to deliver the goods.
  • Before sending any article to group, I check it with fine tooth comb.
  • When we travel by air, we are checked with a fine tooth comb before boarding.
  • To ensure my appearance I check myself with a fine tooth comb.
  • When we travel by metro we are checked with a fine tooth comb at entry level.
  • The prime minister of a nation should deliver the goods to its citizens by smooth functioning of the launched schemes.
  • We shall deliver the goods with hard work and sincerity.
  • The interviewer checks candidate’s PIQ form with a fine tooth comb before calling him for the interview.
  • We explore all the avenues to achieve success in our passionate endeavors.
  • Success in mission is achieved when the whole team tries to explore all the avenues.
  • Since we are exploring all the avenues of our paper pattern so we are likely to qualify it.
  • Now we are close to exams so we should fast-track our preparation.
  • Let’s fast track our preparation lest we should repent later for the coverage of syllabus.
  • Now we are about to wind up this process so we must put it on fast track.
  • With perseverance in his studies, he progressed in studies leaps and bounds.
  • Gold smith performs ACID Test on ornaments to check its genuineness by putting some amount of acid upon them.
  • Sincerity and truthfulness make us ready for all kinds of ACID Test in our life.
  • We must put efforts so silently that our results cut the ground under our opponent’s feet.
  • Make yourself so perfect that your performance should cut the ground from under spectators.
  • Without proper guidance students keep chasing their tale and they end up with consoling results.
  • Goal orientation avoids chasing our tale and we come up with flying colors in our aspirations. 
  • Malicious intentions have no success even after applying the whole bag of tricks.




Aditya Dubey

Head of the Department- English
Centurion Defence Academy

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