Last Minute Preparation Tips For NDA 2021 Exam

Last Minute Preparation Tips For NDA 2021 Exam
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NDA, NDA, NDA… the name is buzzing in all corners of the nation. Without doubt the entrance exam of National Defence Academy (NDA) is one of the most sought and most awaited exam in India. NDA admits the capable candidates to train them into the best Officers for Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Army. It is situated in Khadakwasla, Pune and is the first tri- service Defence Academy of the world. Twice in a year NDA holds an entrance exam for the selection of candidates.


The selection process is three fold as it involves:

  • UPSC written exam
  • SSB interview
  • Medical examination


This year NDA written exam is scheduled on April, 2021 and the students are all busy brushing up their NDA preparation to successfully win over the exam. With the exam approaching near here is a list for some last minute tips so carefully scan the following:

SECTIONAL CUT- OFF: All the aspirants of NDA must know about sectional cut off as it helps immensely in a good preparation strategy. Sectional cut off means the minimum score that one must get in each subject to get into the merit list. Often students think that passing in one paper with good marks can compensate for low marks in other papers. However you need to have a minimum score in each subject for merit. Usually 25%- 30% is sectional cut off which means 75 marks in maths and 150 marks in GAT should be the aim.

MATHEMATICS: This is that one subject which scares students quite often. Students prepare hard for Mathematics and still fear the result. To approach this paper in an intelligent manner follow these 2 points: Option based questions- Sometimes the answers are option based, that is, you solve a question and the closest option is the answer. So keep a check on the options. Your solution may not always be right but the options can help a lot. Division of topic: Check the division of questions and marks in NDA maths paper as it gives a clear cut idea as to which topic should be prepared the most. Calculus has 20-25 questions; quadratic equation has 15- 20 questions; matrices and determinants has 30 questions; probability has 10 questions; trigonometry has 30 questions and lastly complex numbers has 10- 15 questions.

BEWARE OF TWISTS AND PLOTS: There is no competitive exam which has all easy- to- solve questions. Similarly UPSC also puts 15- 20 questions which are not only difficult to solve but takes up a lot of time of the students. So be aware of such questions. Follow a sectional approach, whenever you get stuck jump to the next questions which you can easily solve. Nearly 60- 70 questions are good for merit.

ENGLISH: Coming onto English which is included in the GAT part give more importance to vocabulary as it holds highest number of questions. To take help solve last year papers and study the most reasonable books as available on the official site of Centurion Academy. (

HUMANITY: A part of GTA, Humanity subject is often confusing. Students lay more focus on facts and dates while the pattern is non- analytical. NDA humanity section is different from that of CDS as it is more factual and less analytical so prepare accordingly.


SCIENCE: The science section of GTA is divided into Physics, Chemistry and general science (biology). Physics hold highest number of questions followed up by Chemistry and the last is biology. Candidates must give attention to all three but since Physics has higher number of questions it should be dealt first. There are 100 marks for Physics, 60 for Chemistry and 40 for Biology.

PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS: No matter what nothing can compare last year question papers. If you want an absolutely last moment secret tip then take the advice and solve last year question papers. At least 6-7 previous year questions must be referred. You can easily get it on the official website of Centurion Defence Academy.

AVOID ACCIDENTS: Imagine all your hard work going waste because of an injury. It would hurt, wouldn’t it? So try to avoid any adventurous, risky activity which could injure you and brings a threat to your well being.

NDA FOUNDATION: The applicants appearing for NDA foundation batch, that is, those who are still pursuing class 12th can get good last minute preparation by working upon Humanity section of GAT as well as solving last year papers as they are already studying maths and science in school. They can download last year paper and study material for Humanity from official website of Centurion Academy.


Along with the above tips follow some simple rules such as taking a good sleep before the exam day; having light breakfast and above all going with a positive approach. Confidence and faith when sandwiched with a good preparation can ease your task. All the best dear applicants!


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