Most Important History Questions for NDA Exam 2021 - Download PDF

Most Important History Questions for NDA Exam 2021 - Download PDF
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In the last few years, the inclination of youth towards defence examinations has increased significantly. In most of the defence examinations, a written test is conducted at primary stage to assess the intelligence and proficiency of the candidates. The major defence exams such as AFCAT, CDS, and NDA cover a considerable amount of the most important History questions. 


To help defence aspirants, we have prepared a detailed set of the most important History questions for NDA 2021 exam which can be downloaded in PDF as well. It will also help the defence aspirants to get themselves acquainted with the different topics covered from the History section. 


Importance of Studying History 


  • Irrespective of all odd perspectives in the mindset of common people, History is regarded as one of the most valuable academic subjects.
  • History tells us about the developments of societies, thoughts and ideologies, administrative systems, cultures and technologies. 
  • History helps us to make a comparative study of the world to draw a conclusive picture of where we stand today.
  • History doesn't only develop the knowledge of a particular sphere, but it also evolves different aspects of life. 
  • History helps us to learn and understand about the pillars upon which different civilizations and cultures were built. 
  • History develops our knowledge with respect to administration reforms, socio-religious reforms, developments in military organizations. 
  • History helps us to shape our future as it is a multifaceted discipline that increases our cultural awareness and moral understanding of the world. 


Most Important History Topics Covered in NDA Exam 2021

History can be classified into four major categories, namely the Ancient History of India, the Medieval History of India, the Modern History of India, and World History. Our experts have incorporated the most important History questions in the given pdf selecting the random questions from every important topic. This set of the most important History questions will help defence aspirants to crack the AFCAT, CDS and NDA examinations. Let's see the important topics covered in each category. 


Ancient History of India


  • Chronological Order of Indian History

  • Indus Valley Civilization & Contemporary World

  • Early Vedic Age (1500 BC - 1000 BC)

  • Later Vedic Age (1000 BC - 500 BC)

  • Origination of Buddhism & Jainism

  • Magadha Empire and Mahajanapadas

  • Haryanka, Shishunaga & Nanda Dynasties

  • Maurya Empire & their Administration

  • List of Foreign Invaders in India

  • Gupta Dynasty and their Administration

  • Chalukya Dynasty & Pallava Dynasty 


Medieval History of India


  • Struggle among Palas, Pratiharas & Rashtrakutas

  • Important Notes on Rajput States

  • Vijayanagar & Bahmani Empire

  • Important Notes on Delhi Sultanate 

  • Slave, Khilji, Tughlaq, Sayyid & Lodi Dynasties

  • Establishment of Mughal Empire in India 

  • Important Battles Fought During Mughal Rule 

  • Later Mughals and Decline of the Mughal Empire

  • Bhakti and Sufi Movement during Medieval India


Modern History of India


  • Arrival & Establishment of the East India Company

  • The Advent of Europeans in India 

  • Peasant Movements & Tribal Revolts in India

  • The First War of Indian Independence: Revolt of 1857 

  • Viceroys & Governor-General of British India 

  • Important Revolutionary Movements and Activists 

  • Gandhian Era & the Indian Freedom Fighters 

  • Independence of India & Afterwards 


World History


  • Industrial Revolution in Europe 

  • Colonization and Decolonization

  • The First and Second World Wars

  • Establishment of the League of Nations

  • Establishment of the United Nations Organization 

  • Important Agencies of the United Nations

  • Development of Political & Administrative Theories

  • Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism

  • American Revolution & American Civil War

  • Russian Revolution and the USSR 

  • French Revolution & its Consequences

  • Imperialism, Nazism, Fascism

  • Unification of Italy & Unification of Germany

  • Bi-Polar World and Cold War

  • Uni-Polar World 

  • Disintegration of the USSR

  • Emergence of the USA as a Superpower  


Most Important History Questions for NDA Exams


  • Our team has included the most important History questions in PDF after a detailed analysis of the previous years papers of several defence exams. 

  • These History questions are curated following the difficulty level of the questions asked in the actual defence examinations. 

  • By going through these questions, the candidates can make a detailed analysis of their History preparations for the coming defence exams.

  • These History questions cover an in-depth knowledge of various important topics included in the syllabus of defence exams. 

  • By answering these important History questions, aspirants can know their strong and weak areas and can also make further improvements accordingly. 


We hope that the above article on the Most Important History Questions for NDA Exam 2021 will help you to understand the important topics covered in the History syllabus as well as the difficulty level of the questions to score adequate marks in the exam.


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