Pay Scale And Rank Details Of NDA Officers

Pay Scale And Rank Details Of NDA Officers
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NDA Officers Pay Scale And Rank Details

Great institutions bring in great benefits! NDA is one such place to gain bountiful rewards.

National Defence Academy (NDA) is not only the priority of Defence aspirants but is also a package of immense benefits. It is the first tri- service academy in the world to render training to cadets of Indian Air Force, Indian Army and Indian Navy. The campus of NDA is widespread in the vicinity of Khadakwasla, Pune.

NDA offers a three year residential undergraduate course for which the degree is awarded at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) along with high quality training in respect to military background, that is, behavioral, personality, physical and mental skill development sandwiched with perfect disciplinary attitude.

That was about the standard and training imparted at NDA. The rewards that I mentioned earlier relates to pay scale and rank of NDA Officers. Here is a highlight on the same notion:



Pay scale involves salary, various allowances, and promotional benefits. NDA holds a handsome financial structure and grants its Officers a luxurious life. Here are the details of current NDA pay scale:




Stipend during the training of the candidates in IMA

INR 56,100/- Per Month


INR 56,100/- to INR 1,77, 500/- Per Month


INR 61,300/- to 01,93,900/- Per Month


INR 69,400/- to 02,07,200/- Per Month

Lieutenant Colonel

INR 01,21,200/- to 02,12,400/- Per Month


INR 01,30,600/- to 02,15,900/- Per Month


INR 01,39,600/- to 02,17,600/- Per Month

Major General

INR 01,44,200/- to 02,18,200/- Per Month

Lt. General HAG Scale

INR 01,82,200/- to 02,24,100/- Per Month

HAG+ Scale

INR 02,05,400/- To 02,24,400/- Per Month

VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lt Gen (NFSG)

INR 02,25,000/- Per Month Fixed


INR 02,50,000/- Per Month Fixed

Note- There will be a fixed MSP (military service pay) amount of INR 15,500/- Per month to be paid to the Officers of the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier.

-Not just basic pay scale but also certain allowances are provided to the working Officers. These allowances are listed as:



Flying allowance for Pilots (Lt and above)

INR 25,000/- Per month fixed

Dearness Allowances

As per the rules for Civilians

Kit Maintenance Allowances

INR 20,000/- Annually with Dress Allowances

HAFA for Lt and above

INR 16,900/- Per month

Field Area Allowance For Lt and Above

INR 10,500/- Per Month

Mod Field Area Allowance for Lt and Above

INR 6300/- Per Month

HA CAT- 1 Allowance

INR 3400/- Per Month

HA CAT- 2 Allowance

INR 5300/- Per Month

HA CAT- 3 Allowance

INR 25,000/- Per Month

Siachen Allowance

INR 42,500/- Per Month

Uniform Allowance

INR 20,000/- Annually with Dress Allowances

Higher TPTA Cities for Level 9 and above

INR 7200/- + DA Thereon Per Month

Other Places TPTA for level 9 and above

INR 3600/- + DA Thereon Per Month

Optional TPTA for Level 14 or above officers

INR 15,750/- + DA Per Month

TPTA for Physical Disabled Army Personnel

INR 2250/- + DA Min. (Double Rates)

Children Education Allowances (2 eldest kids of the class nursery to class 12th only)

INR 2250/- Per Month


-Life is uncertain and one cannot guarantee when and how much money he might need. Hence NDA also offers some amount for contingency and accident. The seriousness of the consequences will directly affect the compensation amount. They include:


Compensations in Case of Disablement

  • A monthly Ex- gratia amount of INR 9,000/- Per Month will be paid.
  • In case of 100% Disability, the ex- gratia amount of INR 16,200/- Per Month shall be paid to the candidate.
  • In case of the disability percentage of 20% or lesser, no amount will be paid.
  • Constant-attendance allowance of INR 6750/- Per month will be paid to the candidate if Invaliding Medical Board (IMB) recommends.
  • Compensations in Case of Death
  • Ex- gratia amount of INR 12.50 Lacs will be paid to the NoK.
  • Ex- gratia amount of INR 9,000/- Per month will be paid to the NoK.


Furthermore there are some added benefits which the NDA Officers receive. These include:

Candidates will be liable for insurance of INR 15 Lacs/- after paying a one-time payment of INR 6400/- for 3 years.

The Insurance will provide a cover of INR 7.5 lacs to the candidates who are invalidated out from NDA by IMB as disabled candidates. Also, if they are not entitled to any pension and the disability is 100%.

In the case of 20% of the disability, the insurance coverage amount will be reduced to INR 1.5 Lacs.

Candidates are eligible for after service benefits like Pension, Gratuity, and Casualty pensionary award as per the rules applicable after their retirement.


Well, well isn’t that an overwhelming offer. Not just salary but also the rank structure of NDA Officers is worth noticing. Below are its details:





On Commission


02 Years


06 years

Lieutenant Colonel

13 years


15 years

Colonel (Time Scale)

26 years


On Selection

Major General

On Selection

Lieutenant General

On Selection


On Selection


With this a complete encyclopedic information about NDA rank and pay structure has been listed above. Impressive is the only word I could think of for the above advantages of joining NDA. Read the above, prepare your best and get ready to avail splendid offers once you get to NDA

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