How to choose the right career in the Indian Armed Forces?

How to choose the right career in the Indian Armed Forces?
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A career in Indian Armed Forces has always been a glorious career option for the youth of India. Though Indian youth has been passionate about the Indian Armed Forces, no proper information is available for the youth of India. There are so many options to join Indian Armed Forces as an Officer and as a Soldier. Defence Aspirants can choose any career option for Indian Armed and we will provide information about each entry in detail. Candidates should choose their career option in defence according to their eligibility and procedure in detail.


                                               Career Options in Indian Armed Forces




         Air Force

Officer Entry

Direct Entry- 10+2 B.Tech Entry, SSC Tech Entry, TGC Entry, NCC Special Entry Scheme, and JAG Entry.

Direct Entry- 10+2 B.Tech Entry, Indian Navy SSC (IT) Executive, and Indian Navy UES Scheme.


Through Exam- NDA Exam, CDS Exam and MNS Exam

Through Exam- INET Exam

Soldier Entry

Indian Army Agniveer Exam

Navy Agniveer SSR and MR Exam

Air Force Agniveer X and Y Group


How to choose the right career in the Indian Armed Forces?

Candidates should consider the following factors before deciding on their career in the Armed Forces.


  • The interest of the Aspirant

The interest of the Defence Aspirant is the prime deciding factor in choosing a career for the Armed Forces. If any candidate is interested in flying then he/she should go for the flying branch in the Indian Air Force. If any candidate is more interested in infantry-based service, then he should go for the Indian Army. If any candidate is interested in the medical field, then he should try to join either MNS or AFMC.


  • Eligibility of the Aspirant

Eligibility of the Aspirant is the basic criteria behind choosing a career for Indian Armed Forces. Candidates should choose a career that is in accordance with their eligibility. So, It is very important to check the eligibility before starting preparation for any defence exam. We are providing a list of defence exam-wise eligibility criteria so that candidates can know the basic eligibility criteria.


                   Exam Name

                       Link for Eligibility

Eligibility for NDA Exam

                            Click Here

Eligibility for CDS Exam

                            Click Here

Eligibility for AFCAT Exam

                            Click Here

Eligibility for MNS Exam

                            Click Here

Eligibility for Agniveer Army Exam

                            Click Here

Eligibility for Agniveer Navy Exam

                            Click Here

Eligibility for Agniveer Vayu Exam

                            Click Here


  •  Physical Fitness

The Armed Forces demand a high level of physical fitness and stamina. You'll need to meet specific fitness standards for different roles, so CCandidates must ensure that  They are able to withstand such a hard physical regime or not. Candidates who are good in physical fitness should try to join the infantry and candidates who are not very good in physical fitness, should join ground-based administrative roles.

  • Job Security and Benefits

 The Armed Forces offer job security, a steady income, and a range of benefits including healthcare, housing, and retirement plans. But such facilities will not be there in case of short service commission after discharge from duty. Candidates who are going to join the Armed Forces through a short service commission must know that there are no retirement benefits in case of a short service commission. So If candidates want retirement benefits also, then they should join the Armed Forces through a permanent commission.


These were some factors that candidates must consider before joining Indian Armed Forces as an officer or officers. But the interest of the candidates should be the prime deciding candidates, because if any candidate who is not interested in joining the armed forces, will not be able to survive there unwillingly. Armed Forces are the best career option and candidates must do some research related to eligibility, exam pattern and syllabus before starting their preparation.

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