Most Important Joint Military Exercises for NDA-2 2023 Exam

Most Important Joint Military Exercises for NDA-2 2023 Exam
08-August 2023...........

As the NDA-2 2023 exam is scheduled to take place on 3rd September. As you must be aware that current affairs are the most important part of the NDA GAT Paper. Around `15-18 questions are asked from this part in every NDA exam. Joint Military Exercises is the most important part of current affairs and around 3-4 questions are certainly asked from this part. So, It becomes very important to prepare these joint military exercises for the NDA-2 2023 as well as CDS-2 2023.


                                        List of Joint Military Exercises Conducted in 2023

  Joint Military Exercise




Nomadic Elephant

India and Magnolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

15th Edition


India and UK

Salisbury Plains in the United Kingdom

7th Edition


India and Maldives


12th edition

AL-Mohed AL-Hindi

India and Saudi Arabia

Port Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia



India and France

Pangode Military Station, Kerala

1st Edition

Desert Flag


Saudi Arabia

8th Edition

Dharma Guardian

Indian and Japan

Camp Imazu in Shiga province, Japan

4th Edition


India (NSG) and USA (US Special Operations Force)




India and Uzbekistan

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

4th Edition

Exercise Trishakti Prahar

Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and CAPF

North Bengal


‘Exercise Topchi 2023

Indian Army

the School of Artillery, Maharashtra


La Perouse

India, US, Japan, France, UK, and Australia

Indian Ocean Region

3rd Edition

EX Bold Kurukshetra

India and Singapore

Jodhpur Military Station

13th Edition

Air Defender- 23

NATO Countries



International Maritime Exercise/Cutlass Express 2023

India, Bahrain, Japan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK and USA

Gulf Region



These are some most important joint military exercises for NDA-2 2023 and CDS-2 2023. Aspirants who are going to appear in the upcoming NDA-2 2023 and CDS-2 2023 must prepare names of joint military exercises, participants, venue, and edition. These joint military exercises took place in 2023 only so these joint military exercises are very important for the NDA-2 2023 and CDS-2 2023.


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