Indian Army To Promote 108 Female Officers To Colonel Rank

Indian Army To Promote 108 Female Officers To Colonel Rank
20-January 2023...........

Female Officers to become Colonels in the Indian Army

In a landmark decision, the Indian Army has decided to promote female officers of the Indian Army to the rank of Colonel. So far, Female Officers were allowed to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel only and commanding posts were reserved for male officers only. But, Now Female Army Officers will be given commanding posts. A selection board is being set by the Indian Army to promote a total of 244 women officers for promotion to the rank of colonel. There are 108 vacancies for the rank of the commanding officer. Successful Female Officers will serve as commanding officers in the Indian Army.


Recent Steps taken towards women empowerment in the Indian Armed Forces


Women's Participation in the Indian Armed Forces is very low. Women's Participation in the Army is just 3.97%, in the Navy, it is 6% and in the Air Force women's participation is highest which is 13.69%. Recently, Many Steps have been taken to increase participation of women in the Indian Armed Forces.


  • The Supreme Court allowed permanent commission for female officers in the Indian Army.


  • The Supreme Court allowed entry of female defence aspirants in the National Defence Academy.


  • Indian Army allowed entry of female defence aspirants as soldiers in Military Police.


  • Avni Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh, and Bhavna Kanth became the first three female fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force.


  • Indian Navy and Indian Airforce allowed entry of women in their respective special forces that are Marcos and Garud.
  • The Indian Army allows promotions of female officers to the rank of colonel.


  • The Indian Army is going to allow entry of female officers in the Artillery Regiment also.


  • Captain Shiva Chuhan became the first Female Army Officer to be posted at Siachen Glacier.


Names of Regiments in which Female Army Officers can serve



Name of Regiment/Unit

Entry of Female Officers Allowed or Not

Army Aviation Corps


Corps of Signals


Army Education Corps


Army Ordnance Corps


Army Supply Corps


Army Air Defence


Corps of Engineers


Intelligence Corps


Armored Corps

Not allowed

Mechanised Infantry

Not allowed


Not allowed

Para Special Forces

Not allowed



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