25 PPDT Pictures for SSB Interview

25 PPDT Pictures for SSB Interview
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PPDT Pictures for SSB Interview


The 5-day SSB Interview involves numerous phases of assessment to examine the candidate's cognitive functioning. In the initial screening, the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) is very important. It is used to assess individuals by testing their logic, general intellect, and time management abilities. If you're seeking PPDT stories or pictures to practice with, here you can find detailed information that will allow you to quickly create stories within a set time constraint.


  • The PPDT is a distinct assessment in which candidates must compose a story based on an image they are shown. 

  • PPDT image stories are occasionally fuzzy and need activity and the identification of a number of individuals, their moods, and ages. 

  • Many applicants have requested PPDT images, thus we have included some PPDT images that you may encounter in the SSB during assessments. 

  • Although the majority of the images are not identical, they do have similar themes to assist you to grasp the concept.


Candidates will be shown a random picture on which they must write a story in a short period of time, after which they must participate in a group discussion with fellow candidates in which they must communicate their stories with one another.


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Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)


After the Intelligence test on day one of the SSB procedure, the PP-DT test is conducted which stands for Picture Perception and Description Test. The Intelligence exam measures your IQ, whereas the PP-DT measures your emotional quotient (EQ) and maturity level. Because the selection ratio in the screening test is very low, the performance in the PP-DT is quite important. Candidates are handed an answer sheet on which they must fill in the following information in the left-hand box: the number of people, their gender, their age, and their mood. Following the introductory briefing, the candidates are given one black-and-white, blurry photograph. The image is displayed for 30 seconds.

For practice, we've included some sample images below.



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