50 Basic Questions Asked in SSB Interview 2022

50 Basic Questions Asked in SSB Interview 2022
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Basic Questions Asked in SSB Interview

Defence aspirants must work hard to achieve their goal of joining the Indian Armed Forces by starting from the bottom and building a strong foundation to advance to the top. The SSB Interview, which is conducted by the Ministry of Defence's Services Selection Board (SSB), is a critical component in the final recommendation of candidates preparing for NDA, CDS, or AFCAT-like exams. In this article, we will assist you in constructing a foundation by presenting you with some of the basic questions that any aspirant for the armed forces should be aware of prior to taking the interview. Thus, to help candidates excel in their preparation for the SSB Interview 2022, we have compiled the 50 most important questions asked in SSB Interview.


  1. What are the names of the Chiefs of all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces?

  2. How many commands does each wing of the Indian Armed Forces have?

  3. Explain the optimum merits of the aircraft of the Indian Air Force. 

  4. Which are some of the primary weapons used by the Indian Army?

  5. How much do you know about the nuclear submarine of India? Explain briefly. 

  6. State any two recent agreements in the defence sector with foreign countries.

  7. Throw light on all the important wars where the Indian Army had taken part.

  8. Tell about the special forces of the Indian armed forces

  9. How are the Special Forces different from the Para Military Forces? 

  10. Explain the hilly border areas of India where the soldiers are deployed. 

  11. What are various categories of the gallantry awards presented to the armed personnel?

  12. Explain briefly the significance of the Defence Investiture Ceremony? Where is it held?

  13. Why does a ship float in water? Which law is to be followed to float an object in the water?

  14. What is the significance of the ISRO to the Indian Armed Forces? Explain their coordination. 

  15. Explain the geographical importance to the Indian Armed Forces in the border areas? 

  16. What principle of science applies to the plane flying in the air?

  17. Name some of the public sector undertakings dealing in defence armaments?

  18. What are honorary ranks granted to the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces?

  19. What is the difference between wartime and peacetime gallantry awards?

  20. Where are the Central Commands of the Indian Army and Air Force located?

  21. Briefly describe some of the important operations carried out by the Indian Army so far.

  22. Name some of the oldest and actively participative regiments of the Indian Army?

  23. When do the Indian Army and Navy celebrate their days?

  24. What is the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP)?

  25. What is the significance of the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO)?

  26. Why is Siachen Glacier an important territory of the Union of India?

  27. Explain the latitudinal and longitudinal extents of India with the concerned locations?

  28. What types of warships and ships does the Indian Navy use for different tasks?

  29. State all laws of motion as defined by Newton along with daily life examples. 

  30. What is the supersonic missile that India has? Give information about this missile?

  31. Why did the abrogation of article 370 become a controversial issue in the country?

  32. Explain the top three equivalent ranks of each wing of the Indian Armed Forces?

  33. What is the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)? When was it passed?

  34. How do the Para Military Forces act to maintain law & order in the country?

  35. How many layers are present in the atmosphere? In which layer do airplanes fly?

  36. What is the significance of the Eastern Command of the Indian Army?

  37. What is an Infantry Regiment? How is it different from the other regiments?

  38. What are some of the frontline aircraft of the Indian Air Force?

  39. Explain the relationship among resistance, current, and voltage with their meanings. 

  40. What are the major rivers of India? Name the rivers flowing from the west to the east?

  41. Explain the ranks and profiles of the Commissioned and Junior Commissioned Officers.

  42. Explain briefly the Integrated Theater Commands of the Indian Armed Forces. 

  43. What role does the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) play? 

  44. How do you comprehend the modernization of the Indian Armed Forces?

  45. Why does the issue of Kashmir remain a persistent one between India and Pakistan?

  46. What changes would you bring in the Indian Armed Forces after getting recommended?

  47. What are the latest procurements for the Indian Air Force from foreign countries?

  48. Which article of the Constitution restricts the fundamental rights of the armed personnel?

  49. Under which circumstances can the President of India declare the National Emergency?

  50. Explain the recent collaborations and military exercises conducted by the Indian Army. 


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