Top 5 SSB Coaching in India - Defence Guru

Top 5 SSB Coaching in India - Defence Guru
16-February 2019 2.00


There are two ways of undergoing SSB interviews. First method is through applying and qualifying in the following entrance examinations.

  • - National Defence Academy & Naval Academy examination (NDA & NA Exam)
  • - Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE)
  • - Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT)

Second method is to apply various Army, Air Force and Navy courses and get SSB interview call letter.

For the following courses, direct SSB call letters are issued after short listing the candidates according to the academic marks.

  • - Technical Graduate Course (TGC)
  • - Tech Entry Scheme (TES)
  • - Joint Advocate General (JAG)
  • - Technical Short Service Commission courses SSC Tech
  • - Non Technical Short Service Commission Courses SSC Non Tech
  • - NCC Special Entry Scheme
  • - University Entry Scheme (UES)
  • - IAF's Meteorology Branch Course
  • - Navy's Executive and Technical Branch entry
  • - Navy's Pilot/Observer entry
  • - Navy's Education Branch entry


So here we have seen the complete information about how to get SSB call letter and ways of becoming officer in Indian Armed Forces.



There are numerous tests conducted during five day SSB interviews. All these SSB tests can be classified as either psychological tests or as GTO tests.



Trained SSB psychologist officers will organize the psychology tests of SSB and assess candidates according to their best judgement. Following are the various psychology tests conducted in SSB interviews.

  • - Intelligence or OIR Test
  • - Picture Perception & Description Test (PPDT)
  • - Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
  • - Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • - Word Association Test (WAT)
  • - Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • - Self Description Test (SD)
  • - Personal Interview (PI)
  • - Pilot Battery Aptitude Test (PABT)
  • - Conference



Group Testing Officer or GTO is responsible to conduct all GTO tests which are of outdoor and indoor nature. Following tests of SSB interviews fall under GTO tests.

  • - Group Discussion (GD)
  • - Military Planning Exercise (MPE)
  • - Lecturrettes
  • - Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • - Inter group Obstacle Race or Snake Race
  • - Half Group Task (HGT)
  • - Command Task
  • - Individual Obstacles
  • - Full/Final Group Task (FGT)


Best SSB Coaching in India

Want to crack SSB interview and looking for five day SSB interview procedure? Want to know about psychology and GTO tests of SSB interviews? Check out cool and best SSB coaching institutes. Your search for best SSB Coaching to crack SSB interviews ends here. In this Post Defence Guru share list of 5 Best SSB interview Coaching In India.


Join Top SSB Coaching in India for Cracking SSB Interview


1.Centurion defence Academy, Lucknow

Why Centurion defence Academy for SSB interview?

High Lights of Centurion defence Academy, Lucknow:-

  • Most experienced faculty members who have had long tenures at SSB and expert in their respective field of interviews, group testing and psychology.
  • Real GTO Obstacle (not miniature.
  • Psychological tests, Interview & GTO tasks in real test conditions.
  • All tests by experts senior defence officers who have served at various SSBs as President, GTO & Psychologist.
  • We Have A Team Of Officers Who Are Ex Ssb President, Gtos, Psychologists From Army, Air Force And Navy Guiding You Towards Success.
  • All Students Are Put Throug Out A Dossier Test On Arrival. Their Qualities Are Analysed And Individual Counseling is Done By The Psychologist.
  • The Only Institute Which Has Latest Outdoor Tasks And Individual Tasks Laid Out In Our Grounds to Give All Candidates An Actual Feel Of The Outdoor Task
  • All Candidates Are Given A Number Of Practices Of Dozier ( Screening Test, Including Verbal, Non-Verbal Reasoning And PP&DT).
  • All Dozier Tests Are Analysed, Explained, Practiced And Corrected Repeatedly.
  • Special Emphasis Is Laid On English Fluency And Personality Development Of The Candidates.


Favourite choice of defence aspirant preparing for SSB pan india in terms of best dossier assessment , Ex SSB faculty panel and upto point study material.



Complete SSB interview goes on for five to six days depending upon the type of SSB interview. Here is the breakdown of SSB interview tests day wise.


First Day Test of SSB Interview

During the first day of SSB interview only psychological tests are conducted. Following tests are conducted during the first day of five day SSB interview.

  • - Intelligence Test
  • - Picture Perception and Description Test (PP&DT)
  • - Filling up of Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) forms


Second Day Test of SSB Interview

Following tests are conducted during the second day of SSB interviews.

  • - Word Association Test (WAT)
  • - Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • - Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • - Self Description Test


Third Day Test of SSB Interview

Following tests are conducted on the third day.

  • - Group Discussion test
  • - Military Planning Exercise (MPE)
  • - Lecturettes
  • - Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • - Intergroup Obstacle race or Snake race
  • - Half Group Task
  • - Command Task
  • - Personal interview for some of the candidates by president


Fourth Day Test of SSB Interview

Following tests are conducted during the fourth day of SSB interviews.

  • - Final Group Task (FGT)
  • - Individual Obstacles
  • - Interview for remaining candidates


Fifth Day Test of SSB Interview

On fifth day, only final board conference is conducted and the results are announced by SSB board officials. Thus the following events and tests will be there on fifth day of SSB interview.

  • - Conference
  • - Announcement of recommended candidates


Other Coachings for the SSB Interview are


General Ranjit Academy

General Ranjit Academy is a premier SSB Coaching Academy and one of the best for SSB Interview Coaching, NDA, SSB Training, Soldier Recruitment and SSB Guidance. The Training Institute aims to provide training in a manner which makes an excellent platform for nurturing students for Defence forces (Army, Airforce, Navy, TA and Para-Military Forces).


Siddhu Defense Academy

Best Coaching Institute in Hardoi has surfaced as one of the best Defense Coaching Centers in Haryana. The Siddhu Defence Academy sharp preparing gets ready people to break the pined for resistance exams and interviews. NDA coaching, CDS coaching institute in Haryana. This protection guiding focus in Haryana has confidence in transforming the instruction into a rumored Job. Best SSB Coaching Center As the organization has effectively crossed the markup of 200 choices into upright assignments as pilot officer, acting sub-lieutenant, second lieutenant, Air Craftsmen and so forth it has set turning points for guiding foundations. As respects the past accomplishments, the SDA has contributed almost a large portion of the aggregate determinations accomplished for safeguard subsequent to 2012 in Haryana which without anyone else's input says a ton. No. 1 Airforce Coaching Centre in Haryana Nothing else verge on it.


Accent Coaching

Accent Coaching Institute is known as best academy for preparation of SSB coaching in Hisar(Haryana). We at Accent Academy provide coaching for NDA (National Defence Academy) written examinations with expert guidance.


Baalnoi Academy

To tune a human mind to respond in a particular manner needs time and effort in right proportion and direction. Therefore, at Baalnoi we firmly believe that theory provides only a conceptual framework for understanding and that true learning happens only by application of theoretical concepts. At Baalnoi Academy the dry approach to learning is replaced by a teaching environment that allots specific task to candidates so that they form and use concepts.


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